Publications : Andrew Moylan

Issue Brief 

Congress Needs to Act to Provide Relief to Taxpayers (and the IRS) From Burdensome 1099-K Requirement

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan March 08, 2022

Issue Brief 

Data Dividend Proposals Would Leave Consumers As the Ones Who Pay

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan December 01, 2021

Issue Brief 

What’s the Fallout From the ProPublica Leak?

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan July 27, 2021

Policy Paper 

Taxing Beyond Borders: Principles for Ohio’s Tax Policy After South Dakota v. Wayfair

by Rea S. Hederman Jr., Andrew J. Kidd, Ph.D, James B. Woodward, Ph.D, Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford June 17, 2021


ProPublica's Bombshell Tax Report That Wasn't

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan June 09, 2021

Policy Paper 

The Tax Gap: No Trillion Dollar Silver Bullet

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan, Pete Sepp May 13, 2021

Issue Brief 

Kansas Must Act to Protect Small Sellers from Remote Sales Tax Law

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford March 22, 2021

Issue Brief 

Digital Tax Legislation is a Road to Ruin for States

by Joe Bishop-Henchman, Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford February 18, 2021

Issue Brief 

On Wayfair, Tread Lightly

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford January 20, 2021

Issue Brief 

New York’s Aggressive Pandemic Tax Strategy Underscores Need for Congressional Action

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan August 06, 2020

Issue Brief 

A Legislative Framework for Addressing Remote Work Nexus Issues

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan June 25, 2020

Policy Paper 

Pelosi Coronavirus Bills Represent Big Government Wish Lists

by Andrew Wilford, Demian Brady, Jacob Plott, Andrew Moylan June 01, 2020


Congress, What Did You Mean Here?

by Andrew Moylan, Nicole Kaeding May 04, 2020

Issue Brief 

More Tax Delays Are Necessary

by Nicole Kaeding, Andrew Moylan April 29, 2020