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More Deregulation at the FCC Bodes Well for Taxpayers

by Brandon Arnold October 07, 2019

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NTU Releases Congressional Ratings for the 115th Congress

by Kevin Glass September 09, 2019

Press Release 

Gov. Scott Walker Joins NTU As Senior Advisor

by Kevin Glass August 05, 2019


NTU Thanks Lawmakers Who Voted Against Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019

by Andrew Lautz August 02, 2019


NTU Applauds Introduction of MAP Act

by Brandon Arnold July 30, 2019

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NTU Urges Members of Congress to Vote Against the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019

by Andrew Lautz July 24, 2019


How Many Federal Government Programs Are There?

by Andrew Lautz July 22, 2019

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NTU Urges Representatives to Support the SECURE Act of 2019

by Thomas Aiello May 23, 2019

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Representatives Should Oppose Updated Supplemental Spending Bill

by Thomas Aiello May 09, 2019


NTU Joins Coalition Opposing the Reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank

by Pete Sepp May 02, 2019


Republican Study Committee’s Budget Addresses Out-of-Control Spending

by Thomas Aiello May 01, 2019


Left-Right Statement to the U.S. House of Representatives: Vote “No” on Pentagon Increase in House Democratic Budget Caps Bill (H.R. 2021)

by Nan Swift April 08, 2019


NTU Testifies Before Texas State House Committee in Support of Updating ROW Fees

by Thomas Aiello April 03, 2019


Senator Joni Ernst Holds the Government Accountable with the COST Act

by Parker Gardner March 22, 2019