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How Lawmakers Should Be Thinking About The Upcoming Debt Ceiling Deadline

by Andrew Lautz July 21, 2021


House Appropriations Should Cut Spending, "Buy American" Mandates in Defense Bill

by Andrew Lautz, Tyler Van Patten July 13, 2021


What the GAO Weapon Systems Annual Assessment Tells Us About the Defense Budget

by Tyler Van Patten June 29, 2021

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House Should Oppose Legislation That Paves Way for Bloated $1.5 Trillion Budget

by Andrew Lautz June 14, 2021


NTU Endorses Legislation Bringing Sound Financial Accounting to Federal Loan Programs

by Thomas Aiello June 08, 2021


Biden Defense Budget Fails to Make Bold Reductions Amid Soaring Debt, Deficits

by Andrew Lautz June 08, 2021


MA Budget Amendments Would Place Harmful Price Controls on Businesses

by Leah Vukmir, Jess Ward May 25, 2021

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Senate Innovation Bill Would Saddle Taxpayers With Billions in New Debt. Senators Should Vote "No"

by Thomas Aiello May 19, 2021


RSC Budget Makes Thoughtful Contributions on Spending, Tax, and Regulatory Policy

by Andrew Lautz, Will Yepez May 19, 2021


Taxpayers Beware: Biden’s Broadband Plan Won’t Close the Digital Divide

by Will Yepez May 14, 2021

NTU Writes to Senate Committee Opposing Funding Levels in the "Endless Frontier Act"

by Thomas Aiello May 11, 2021


New Budget Should Tackle Waste, Fraud, Cost Overruns at Pentagon

by Andrew Lautz May 11, 2021


NTU Supports Six Pro-Taxpayer Bills Slated for Committee Passage

by Thomas Aiello March 16, 2021

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NTU Issues Third Vote Alert on Amendments to Reconciliation Bill

by Brandon Arnold, Andrew Lautz, Will Yepez March 05, 2021