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NTU Statement on Potential Defense Cuts in the 118th Congress

by Andrew Lautz January 09, 2023

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Lawmakers Should Oppose Massive Bill That Increases Spending More Than $100B From 2022 Levels

by Andrew Lautz December 20, 2022


Four Ways Taxpayers Lost in the 2023 Defense Policy Bill

by Andrew Lautz December 16, 2022


NTU Weighs In On Federal Trade Commission Data Privacy Rulemaking

by Nicholas Johns November 18, 2022


Coalition Writes in Support of Bipartisan Efforts to Curb DoD 'Wish Lists'

October 11, 2022


NTU’s 12th Annual “No Brainers” List: The Top 10 Bipartisan Bills for Taxpayers in 2022

by Andrew Lautz September 13, 2022


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses Ways to Decrease Inflation on Wilkow!

by Brandon Arnold September 12, 2022


NTU Asks Policymakers to Focus on Fiscal Sustainability in Missile Defense

by Pete Sepp, Andrew Lautz September 06, 2022

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NTU Issues 2nd Set of Recommendations on IRA "Vote-a-Rama" Amendments

by Brandon Arnold, Andrew Lautz August 07, 2022

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NTU Issues Recommendations on Several IRA "Vote-a-Rama" Amendments

by Brandon Arnold, Andrew Lautz August 06, 2022

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NTU Urges All Senators to Oppose Inflation Reduction Act

by Alex Milliken August 06, 2022


Does 'Big Tech' Bill Show Congress Completely Out of Touch With Americans?

by Will Yepez July 26, 2022


Senate Should Reject the Increasingly Costly CHIPS-Plus Act

by Bryan Riley, Demian Brady July 22, 2022

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NTU Urges Support for 14 House FY 2023 NDAA Amendments, Opposition to 14

by Andrew Lautz July 13, 2022