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Senators Should Oppose IRS Privacy Threat

by Nan Swift December 11, 2018


Threat to Donor Rights Makes Lame Duck Lamer Than Usual

by Nan Swift December 10, 2018


Republicans Have Time to Score More Tax Victories in Lame Duck

by Pete Sepp December 03, 2018

Press Release 

IRS Abuses Are Harming Taxpayers and the Environment

November 29, 2018


NTU Urges Congress to Support Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights

by Pete Sepp November 28, 2018


Tax Reform Steadily Progressing in Arkansas

by Thomas Aiello November 28, 2018

Press Release 

NTU Commends Start of Congress Budget Reform Committee

November 15, 2018


Results of 2018 State and Local Ballot Initiatives: How Taxpayers Fared at the Ballot Box

by Thomas Aiello November 11, 2018


Initiative 1634 Would Shield Washington Taxpayers and Consumers from Reckless Tax Policy

by Thomas Aiello November 02, 2018

Ballot Guide 

2018 Midterm Election Ballot Guide

November 01, 2018


To Prevent Major Tax Increases, North Carolina Voters Should Lower the “Max Tax” Cap

by Thomas Aiello October 29, 2018


With Trump's Pick in Charge, Can Taxpayers Trust the IRS?

by Mattie Duppler October 27, 2018

Press Release 

NTU Supports Secretary Mnuchin Speaking Out Against EU Digital Tax plan

by Kevin Glass October 26, 2018


Colorado Voters Should Reject A $1.6 Billion Tax Hike

by Thomas Aiello October 25, 2018