Publications : Taxes


With a Tax Increase on the November Ballot, Oregon Voters Should Say “NO!”

by Thomas Aiello October 21, 2020


Commitment to American GROWTH Act Wisely Includes Full and Immediate Expensing Provisions

by Andrew Lautz October 19, 2020


California Voters Should Reject a $12.5 Billion Tax Hike

by Thomas Aiello October 16, 2020


In the Midst of Economic Uncertainty, Arizona Voters Shouldn’t Raise Income Taxes

by Thomas Aiello October 15, 2020

Issue Brief 

Shaky “Pillar 2” Tax Scheme from Overseas Could Crush Economic Recovery

by Pete Sepp September 28, 2020


Tenth Installment of NTU’s “No Brainers” List: Ten Bipartisan Bills That Can Bridge the Partisan Divide

by Thomas Aiello, Andrew Lautz September 17, 2020


Congress Should Prioritize CR, Narrow COVID Relief in September

by Brandon Arnold, Thomas Aiello, Andrew Lautz September 08, 2020

Press Release 

New Report on “Abusive Transactions” with Tax Deductions Overlooks Abusive Tactics from IRS

by Pete Sepp August 25, 2020


News Flash: IRS, Urged to Take Scalpel against Conservation Deduction Issues, Swings Sledgehammer

by Pete Sepp August 12, 2020


Axne and Balderson Bill Would Enhance FSA Flexibility for Millions

by Andrew Lautz August 11, 2020

Issue Brief 

Letter of Support for the Everyday Philanthropist Act

by Pete Sepp August 10, 2020


NTU Leads 20 Free Market Organizations in Supporting the CREATE JOBS Act

by Andrew Lautz August 04, 2020


Hassan and Burr Bill Will Improve PPP and ERTC Coordination for Small Employers

by Andrew Lautz July 28, 2020

NTU Applauds Inclusion of Pro-Taxpayer Provisions in GOP Senate’s “Phase 4” COVID Relief Package

July 27, 2020