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The FCC made important strides last year by overturning net neutrality regulations to preserve a free and vibrant internet as an engine for economic growth and technological innovation. However, Congress is threatening to roll back these free-market gains. We need to make sure Congress hears that taxpayers oppose efforts to reinstate burdensome internet regulation at the expense of American consumers.

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2017 marked the first time in 31 years that Congress and the President passed comprehensive tax reform. They delivered on a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix our broken tax code that has hindered economic growth and upward mobility. This new law will allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money and will make American businesses more globally competitive. Tell your lawmakers: Thank you for passing tax reform in 2017!


Don’t Let Congress Bring Back Earmarks!

The 2010 earmark ban was a big win for taxpayers, and an opportunity for Congress to get back to the real work of legislating and oversight. Repealing the earmark ban would be a huge step backwards for a transparent, accountable government - taking power out of the hands of voters and putting it back in the hands of moneyed lobbyists. This would jumpstart even MORE wasteful spending that we simply can’t afford.
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