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NTU Free Trade Initiative Director Bryan Riley Testimony to the Department of Commerce on New Auto Industry Tariffs

by Bryan Riley July 19, 2018


House Joins the Fight for Better Trade Oversight

by Nan Swift July 12, 2018

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Senators Should Support Motion to Increase Trade Oversight

by Nan Swift July 11, 2018


Bill Would Restore Congressional Oversight on Trade

by Nan Swift July 10, 2018

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Mr. President: Don’t Reverse Course On Tax Cuts

by Bryan Riley July 06, 2018


What's More Important To Farmers: Trade Or Taxpayer Payments?

by Bryan Riley June 27, 2018


NTU Reiterates Position Against New Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

by Bryan Riley June 19, 2018


New Tariffs Are Higher Taxes On Americans - and They Are Failed Trade Policy

by Bryan Riley June 15, 2018


President Trump: Renew Your Commitment to an "America First" Trade Agenda at the G7 Summit

by Bryan Riley June 08, 2018

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Key Amendments Would Restore Congressional Oversight of Trade Decisions

by Nan Swift June 07, 2018


New Taxes on Steel and Aluminum Imports Will Hit Americans

by Bryan Riley May 31, 2018


Incorporate REINS Act in Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA)

by Brandon Arnold May 21, 2018


Open Letter to President Trump: Support Improved Trans-Pacific Partnership

by Bryan Riley April 09, 2018


Coalition Urges Members to Cosponsor the Global Trade Accountability Act

by Bryan Riley March 15, 2018