Issue Brief 

Trump Trade Taxes Will Exceed Obamacare Taxes Next Year

by Bryan Riley, Demian Brady September 18, 2018

NTUF's 2018 Tax Complexity Report

Tax complexity reached an all-time high in 2018. But hope might be on the way, thanks to tax reform.

Issue Brief 

Medicare for All: Buyer Beware

by Demian Brady September 12, 2018


NAFTA 2.0 Should Protect Americans' Property Rights

by Bryan Riley September 10, 2018

Issue Brief 

South Dakota v. Wayfair: What It Means

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford August 23, 2018

Tax Complexity 2018



Enzi Amendment Would Preserve Baseline Fiscal Discipline

by Demian Brady August 23, 2018


Relief Needed from Unaccountable Foreign Accounts Tax Law

by Demian Brady, Jacob Plott August 17, 2018

Issue Brief 

Post-Presidential Perks Subsidizing Millionaires

by Demian Brady August 02, 2018


CBO's Transparency Still Needs Improvement

by Demian Brady July 27, 2018


NTUF Executive Vice President Andrew Moylan Testimony to House Judiciary Committee

by Andrew Moylan July 25, 2018


Budget Conferees Should Continue to Resist Attempts to Raise Spending Caps

by Demian Brady July 17, 2018

Issue Brief 

Legislation to Improve Transparency and Accountability of Unfunded Federal Mandates

by Demian Brady July 13, 2018


Why are Taxpayers Footing the Bill for First-Class Flights?

by Jacob Plott July 12, 2018

Issue Brief 

Reforming Higher Ed Tax System Should Be Part of Tax Reform 2.0

by Andrew Wilford June 28, 2018

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