Issue Brief 

A Realistic Budget Baseline Exposes Higher Spending on Horizon

by Demian Brady June 12, 2018

NTUF's 2018 Tax Complexity Report

Tax complexity reached an all-time high in 2018. But hope might be on the way, thanks to tax reform.


California Mandates its Way to an Even Worse Housing Market

by Andrew Wilford June 11, 2018

Issue Brief 

CBO’s Medicare Part D Score Revision Has Costly Implications

by Demian Brady June 06, 2018


Good Government Means Cutting Congressional Perks

by Demian Brady June 05, 2018

Tax Complexity 2018


Issue Brief 

The Hottest Trend in Local Tax Hiking: Employee Head Taxes

by Andrew Wilford May 31, 2018

Press Release 

Study: Employee Head Taxes Will Lead To Fewer Jobs

by Kevin Glass May 31, 2018


Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump On Tariffs

by Bryan Riley May 24, 2018


Myths and Facts: Rescissions and the Children’s Health Insurance Program

by Demian Brady May 23, 2018

Issue Brief 

An Examination of the Rescission Package

by Andrew Wilford May 09, 2018


President Revives Dormant Process to Target Dormant Spending

by Demian Brady May 08, 2018

Issue Brief 

Gaming the Farm Bill Baseline

by Demian Brady May 01, 2018


In Celebration of an Earlier Tax Freedom Day

by Andrew Wilford April 19, 2018

Policy Paper 

Tax Complexity 2018: With Relief on the Way, Taxpayers Hope Headaches Will Ease

by Demian Brady April 16, 2018

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