Issue Brief 

The Never-Ending War On Waste

by Demian Brady, Jacob Plott December 04, 2019

NTUF's 2019 Tax Complexity Report

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was the biggest overhaul of the American tax system in decades. New evidence shows that complexity and compliance burdens are down for individual tax filers - but there's more to be done.

Issue Brief 

Tariffs Aren’t Working to Change China. Here’s a Better Idea

by Bryan Riley November 26, 2019


A Thanksgiving Day Trade Message for the Nation’s Taxpayers

by Jacob Plott November 26, 2019


Another Expansion of Green Energy Tax Credits?

by Nicole Kaeding November 22, 2019

Tax Complexity 2018


Issue Brief 

CBO’s Report on Errors in Its Projections Shows Need for Congress to Revise Budget Baseline Rules

by Demian Brady November 20, 2019


New PBGC Report Highlights Scope of Multiemployer Pension Crisis

by Andrew Wilford November 19, 2019


Parsing the TCJA's Impact

by Nicole Kaeding November 18, 2019

Issue Brief 

Warren’s Medicare For All Funding Plan Utilizes Disastrous Employee Head Tax

by Andrew Wilford November 14, 2019


Six Things To Know About Possible New Auto Taxes

by Bryan Riley November 11, 2019

Issue Brief 

Examining Energy Provisions in the Tax Code

by Nicole Kaeding November 11, 2019


The Tax Proposals by Elizabeth Warren are Simply Not Realistic

by Nicole Kaeding November 08, 2019


Gimmicks, ‘Contributions’ And Confiscation — Warren’s Tax Plan Would Hit Every American

by Andrew Wilford November 07, 2019

Issue Brief 

Tallying Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Increases

by Nicole Kaeding November 06, 2019

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