Issue Brief 

There’s an Extra $4 Billion Deficit Gap in the Official Current-Law Baseline

by Demian Brady June 19, 2019

NTUF's 2019 Tax Complexity Report

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was the biggest overhaul of the American tax system in decades. New evidence shows that complexity and compliance burdens are down for individual tax filers - but there's more to be done.

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No, U.S. Autoworkers Are Not A National Security Threat

by Bryan Riley June 14, 2019

Issue Brief 

Don’t Be Fooled by CBO’s Misleading Harbor Maintenance Score

by Demian Brady June 12, 2019


Taxing Americans Is Not the Way To Solve Illegal Immigration

by Andrew Wilford June 07, 2019

Tax Complexity 2018



Wilford: Cory Booker Has A Plan to Make Housing More Expensive

by Andrew Wilford June 07, 2019

Issue Brief 

The Wayfair Decision: How Michigan Policymakers Should Respond

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford June 04, 2019

Issue Brief 

The Escalating Toll of Trump's Taxes on Trade

by Bryan Riley, Demian Brady May 31, 2019


Wilford: Trump Helped Congress Pass One Budget-Busting Deal; Will He Do it Again?

by Andrew Wilford May 24, 2019

Issue Brief 

Budget for Disasters to Prevent a Budget Disaster

by Demian Brady May 23, 2019


Wilford: Democrats Have Thought of a New Way for the Post Office to Lose Money

by Andrew Wilford May 17, 2019


Congress and the New CBO Director Have an Opportunity to Expand on Dr. Hall's Transparency Reforms

by Demian Brady May 16, 2019

Policy Paper 

Post-Wayfair Sales Tax Reform in Louisiana

May 16, 2019

Issue Brief 

California’s “Doing Business” Tax Should Face High Court Scrutiny

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford May 15, 2019

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