Other Ways to Give

Did you know that there is a way for you to preserve your legacy – and the legacy of freedom – for your children and grandchildren?

Making a charitable bequest to National Taxpayers Union (NTU) or National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) is more than just a gesture. It's a loud and clear declaration of your commitment to lower taxes, limited government, and individual freedom. It's a way to strengthen our cause for many years to come.

Every gift, no matter how great or small, will make you a part of our Legacy Society. 

Who Gives

It is a common misconception that only millionaires or the extravagantly wealthy – or elderly – include their charitable interests in long-term financial planning. This could not be farther from the truth. People from all walks of life make planned gifts in the form of bequests, stock transfers, life insurance policies, or other property.

In fact, those most likely – and in the best position – to make a planned gift are individuals between 40 and 65 years of age, who have given modestly over the years. Once they can ensure that their loved ones will be provided for, many seek ways to leave a gift that will carry on their beliefs and goals.

Anyone can make a planned gift, at any time. Are you ready to give the gift of liberty to your children and grandchildren? You could help ensure the fight for freedom for many generations to come – join our Legacy Society today!

Charitable Bequests

While there are many ways to incorporate planned giving, at this time NTU and NTUF are only able to process charitable bequests. We do not currently arbitrate annuities or trusts, but may be able to receive gifts from those managed by a third party. If you are unsure about your preferred method of giving, or have any additional questions, please contact Genevieve McCarthy at (703) 683-5700.

How It Works

Making a charitable bequest is easy. Just state in your will:

"I give, devise, and bequeath to the NTU or NTUF (25 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 140, Washington DC, Tax ID# 52-1122683), the sum of $______ to be used for the general purposes of the organization."

Instead of a fixed dollar amount, you can choose instead to bequeath a percentage of your estate – this offers a correcting mechanism if your assets increase or decrease in value significantly – or to transfer the "residue", or the remainder of your assets once you have ensured that your family and loved ones are provided for.

Please let us know if you have chosen to include NTU or NTUF in your estate plans. A gift of any size qualifies you for membership in our Legacy Society.

Donate Now

To donate over the phone, please call (703) 683-5700.

Thank you for your steadfast support of NTU over the years. We are proud to be the voice of the American taxpayers at the federal, state, and local levels for going on five decades. We could not achieve our goals – or continue our fight – without you.