Publications : Regulation


NTU Urges Texas Lawmakers to Reject Anti-Competitive Energy Legislation

by Leah Vukmir April 15, 2019

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Representatives Should Oppose Legislation to Reimpose Net Neutrality

by Thomas Aiello April 08, 2019


Hatch-Waxman Drug Patent Law Meets Middle Age – and Taxpayers Can Celebrate

by Pete Sepp April 01, 2019

Taxpayers Win With New FCC Proposal

by Thomas Aiello March 29, 2019


Trump's 'Emergency Powers' Could Initiate a Dirty Energy Bailout

by Brandon Arnold March 28, 2019

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Costly "Green New Deal" Distracts From Pro-Taxpayer Environmental Reforms

by Nan Swift March 25, 2019

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"Paycheck Fairness Act" Heavy-Handed and Ineffective

by Nan Swift March 25, 2019


NTU Urges Arkansas Lawmakers to Hold the Line Against Higher 911 Fees

by Thomas Aiello March 25, 2019

Policy Paper 

Risky Road: Assessing the Costs of Alternative Credit Scoring

by Pete Sepp, Thomas Aiello March 22, 2019


NTU-led Coalition Writes in Support of FHFA Rule on Alternative Credit Score Models

by Pete Sepp March 22, 2019


NTU Submits Testimony to End Duplicative Telecomm Taxation in Texas

by Thomas Aiello March 19, 2019

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Vote Alert: Amendments to Election Overhaul Legislation

by Thomas Aiello March 07, 2019


Democrats Try - Again - To Revive Failed Internet Regulations

by Kevin Glass March 06, 2019

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"For the People Act" Undermines America’s Electoral Process, Representatives Should Oppose

by Thomas Aiello March 06, 2019