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Committee Explores Job Crushing Legislation: PRO Act Makes its Unwanted Senate Appearance

by Thomas Aiello July 22, 2021


House Financial Services Committee Shouldn’t Add Unneeded Compliance Costs onto Investing

by Will Yepez July 21, 2021


NTU-led Coalition Urges Reform, Not Expansion, of Federal Housing Assistance Programs

by Thomas Aiello July 19, 2021


NTU Sends Memo to House Oversight Committee Ahead of Key Markup

by Thomas Aiello, Andrew Lautz July 19, 2021


CLEAN Future Act Discards Market Solutions for Costly, Crushing Regulations

by Thomas Aiello July 15, 2021


Senate Committee Should Advance Two Regulatory Reform Bills

by Thomas Aiello, Andrew Lautz July 14, 2021


Biden Competition Executive Order Is a Big Swing and Miss

by Will Yepez July 12, 2021


Confirming David Weil Would Lead to More Bureaucratic Headaches for Small Businesses

by Thomas Aiello July 12, 2021

Press Release 

A New State Antitrust Lawsuit ... and the Same Questions from Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp July 07, 2021


Data Portability Is Better Included In Privacy Legislation Than Antitrust

by Will Yepez July 07, 2021


An Open Letter to Public Officials: Consumer Welfare Standard Should Guide Antitrust Policy

June 23, 2021


A Market-Orientated Approach Is The Best Way To Close The Digital Divide

by Will Yepez June 22, 2021

Vote Alert 

"For the People Act" Undermines America’s Electoral Process, Senators Should Oppose

by Thomas Aiello June 21, 2021


Lawmakers Want to Ban Great Deals in a Misguided Attempt to Punish Tech Companies

by Will Yepez June 21, 2021