Publications : Regulation

Press Release 

FCC Initiative To Cut Down on Spam Text Communications Is the Right Move

December 11, 2018


NTU Finds Opportunities, Challenges in Postal Report

by Thomas Aiello December 07, 2018


The DC Council Should Follow the FCC’s Lead on Embracing Competition and Innovation

by Pete Sepp December 07, 2018

Issue Brief 

Prescription Drug Costs: Better Ways to Help Patients and Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp December 06, 2018

Press Release 

Government Price Controls on Prescription Drugs Harm Patients

by Kevin Glass December 06, 2018


NTU Pens Letter Urging Reforms to Multiemployer Pension Plans

by Pete Sepp December 05, 2018


40 Years of Airline Deregulation Prove the Free Market Still Works for Consumers

by Pete Sepp November 29, 2018


Light-Touch Regulation Should Drive Merger Approval

November 16, 2018


Results of 2018 State and Local Ballot Initiatives: How Taxpayers Fared at the Ballot Box

by Thomas Aiello November 11, 2018


Positive Development: President Pulls Plug on Power Plant Bailout Plan

by Thomas Aiello November 10, 2018

Press Release 

Don't Reward Foreign Freeloading on U.S. Drugs. End It.

October 25, 2018


Year-Round E15 Sales Won’t Keep Floundering Ethanol Policy Afloat

by Nan Swift October 25, 2018

Policy Paper 

Airline Deregulation At 40

by Pete Sepp, Thomas Aiello October 24, 2018


Arizona Voters Shouldn’t Fall for California-style Energy Policies

by Thomas Aiello October 22, 2018