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New Housing Agency Rule Takes Promising Turn for Taxpayers

by Thomas Aiello December 14, 2018


NTU Urges Congressional Leaders to Reform the National Flood Insurance Program

by Pete Sepp December 10, 2018


Vote With the Economy in Mind

by Mattie Duppler October 31, 2018


Congress Must Get Ahead of Taxpayer Bailout for Federally Chartered Pension Insurer

by Pete Sepp October 23, 2018


Beer Is Dead / Long Live Beer

by Brandon Arnold September 25, 2018


Taxpayers Should Support Chairman Hatch’s Efforts to Increase Credit Union Transparency

by Thomas Aiello, Pete Sepp September 18, 2018


10 Years Since Conservatorship Began, the GSEs Are Still a Risk to Taxpayers

by Thomas Aiello September 06, 2018


NTU's Mattie Duppler on Yahoo Finance Midday Movers

by Mattie Duppler September 05, 2018


Having a Fair Tax Code Means Reviewing the Credit Union Tax Exemption

by Thomas Aiello August 03, 2018

Vote Alert 

Lawmakers Should Oppose a Clean Extension of the Flood Insurance Program

by Thomas Aiello July 24, 2018


NTU Leads Coalition Letter Supporting Kraninger Nomination for BCFP

by Pete Sepp July 16, 2018

Press Release 

Light-Touch Antitrust Policy Is A Win For American Taxpayers

June 27, 2018

Press Mentions 

Light-Touch Antitrust Policy Succeeds, and Consumers Will Win

by Kevin Glass June 12, 2018


Bipartisan Coalition Urges FTC to Issue Pro-Consumer, Pro-Market Contact Lens Rule

by Thomas Aiello June 12, 2018