Press Release 

One-Year Anniversary of NAFTA Renegotiations Offer Hope For Reform

August 16, 2018


An Open Letter to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin on the EU Digital Tax Plan

by Pete Sepp August 14, 2018


NTU Files Comment to Ensure Medicaid Dollars Go to Caregivers, Not Unions

by Thomas Aiello August 13, 2018

Press Release 

“Unforced Errors” Mean More Losses for Postal Service, Bailout Threat To Taxpayers

August 09, 2018


Open Letter to Congress: Support “Open Competition” for Infrastructure Projects

by Pete Sepp August 09, 2018


Add more reforms to the nation’s tax code

by Pete Sepp August 05, 2018


Having a Fair Tax Code Means Reviewing the Credit Union Tax Exemption

by Thomas Aiello August 03, 2018


New Short-term Insurance Reforms Will Mean More Choices for Consumers

by Shiyi Zhang August 02, 2018

Issue Brief 

Solutions to Skyrocketing Missile-Defense Costs May be Ahead

by Pete Sepp August 02, 2018

Vote Alert 

Senators Cruz, Lee, and Booker Lead Pro-Taxpayer Amendments

by Nan Swift August 01, 2018


Coalition Urges Milcon Conferees Not to Bust Spending Caps

by Nan Swift July 30, 2018


Imposing a Payroll Tax Will Be Disastrous to Maine’s Economy

by Shiyi Zhang July 26, 2018