Taxpayer Advocates Urge Biden-Harris Transition to Scrutinize Pentagon Budget

by Andrew Lautz November 25, 2020

Press Release 

NTU Statement on Possible Most Favored Nation Regulation

November 19, 2020


New Watchdog Report Sends a Signal to Congress: Keep Top Pentagon Official Working on Spending Reform

by Andrew Lautz November 19, 2020

Vote Alert 

NTU Vote Alert: Representatives Should Oppose the "National Apprenticeship Act"

by Thomas Aiello November 18, 2020


Senate Commerce Takes Strong Step in Stopping Pentagon 5G Nationalization Plans

by Andrew Lautz November 18, 2020


IRS Should Expand DCFSA Flexibility to Virtual Education Expenses

by Andrew Lautz November 17, 2020


With Another Year Deep in the Red, Congress Must Act to Save the Postal Service

by Thomas Aiello November 13, 2020


NTU Comments On Trade Investigation into Vietnam Policy and Practice

by Bryan Riley November 11, 2020


With Most Ballot Measures Counted, Election Day Looks Positive for Taxpayers

by Thomas Aiello November 06, 2020


Congress Should Extend Look-Through Rule to Provide Certainty for Businesses

by Pete Sepp November 05, 2020

Issue Brief 

Breaking Down the Fallacies in DOJ’s Antitrust Case Against Google

by Andrew Lautz October 29, 2020

Ballot Guide 

NTU Ballot Guide: 2020 General Election

October 27, 2020