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Senate Should Protect Free Speech and Vote No on The DISCLOSE Act

by Alex Milliken September 20, 2022

Issue Brief 

Rail Policy – Taxpayers & Consumers Are Watching and Worried

by Pete Sepp September 19, 2022


As House Committee Discusses Energy Profits, ‘Profits Taxes’ Remain the Wrong Answer

by Alex Milliken September 15, 2022


NTU’s 12th Annual “No Brainers” List: The Top 10 Bipartisan Bills for Taxpayers in 2022

by Andrew Lautz September 13, 2022


Letter: NTU Opposition to North Dakota Price Control Scheme

by Leah Vukmir, Jess Ward September 12, 2022


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses Ways to Decrease Inflation on Wilkow!

by Brandon Arnold September 12, 2022


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discussing How to Protect Yourself From the IRS the on Newsmax Tv

by Brandon Arnold September 08, 2022

Vote Alert 

House Members Should Support, Pass the Whistleblower Protection Improvement Act

by Andrew Lautz September 07, 2022


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses Economic Concerns Fears on The National Desk

by Brandon Arnold September 07, 2022


NTU Asks Policymakers to Focus on Fiscal Sustainability in Missile Defense

by Pete Sepp, Andrew Lautz September 06, 2022


An Electric Vehicle Bailout the Postal Service will Likely Waste

by Alex Milliken September 03, 2022


Biden Administration Keeps Trade Taxes in Place Indefinitely Pending Further “Review”

by Bryan Riley September 02, 2022