The Payroll Tax Predicament: State Lawmakers, It's Time to Wake Up and Smell the Withholding

by Mattias Gugel, Jess Ward July 18, 2024


NTU Supports the Renewing Investment in American Workers and Supply Chains Act and the Expansion of Full Expensing

by Brandon Arnold July 18, 2024


NTU's Nick Johns Discusses a Potential Shake Up at the Fed on Newsmax TV

by Nicholas Johns July 17, 2024

Press Release 

NTU Warns of GOP Tariff Platform

July 16, 2024

Issue Brief 

Universal Baseline Tariff: A Self-Destructive Reaction to a Make-Believe Problem

by Bryan Riley July 16, 2024


Gov. Jim Pillen's desire to cut taxes laudable, but he should cut spending

by Mattias Gugel July 14, 2024


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses the Impact Low EV Demand is Having on the Economy on Newsmax TV

by Brandon Arnold July 11, 2024


NTU's Pete Sepp Discussed the Path to Lowering Inflation on NTD

by Pete Sepp July 11, 2024

Press Release 

NTU Names 3 Senators and 38 Representatives “Taxpayers’ Friends” in Annual Scorecard on Roll Call Votes

July 10, 2024


NTU Backs Taxpayer-Friendly Policies In Ag Appropriations Bill

by Bryan Riley July 10, 2024


Pa.’s swipe fee cap — more harm than good for small businesses

by Mattias Gugel, Jess Ward July 09, 2024


NTU's Mattias Gugel Discussing Tax Gimmicks in Michigan on The Steve Gruber Show

by Mattias Gugel July 09, 2024