Consumers, Taxpayers Swept Up in a Drawn Out Interagency Squabble

by Will Yepez January 26, 2022


Seven Highlights From Senate Mark Up Of Klobuchar’s Self-Preferencing Bill

by Will Yepez January 25, 2022

Issue Brief 

Budget Committees Continue to Ignore Statutory Scorekeeping Obligations

by Demian Brady January 24, 2022


Why Isn’t the Biden Administration Implementing a Key Infrastructure Regulation Reform?

by Thomas Aiello January 24, 2022

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NTU Submits Testimony on Ohio's Commercial Activity Tax

by Jess Ward January 19, 2022

Issue Brief 

An Inside Look at IRS Woes On Eve of 2022 Tax Season

by Joe Bishop-Henchman January 18, 2022


NTU Warns Antitrust Bill Would Negatively Impact Consumer Technology

by Will Yepez January 18, 2022


How the Senate Antitrust Bill Could Disrupt Your Daily Routine

by Will Yepez January 18, 2022

Issue Brief 

Klobuchar’s Assault on Big Tech “Self-Preferencing” Ignores Economics and Consumer Welfare

by Josh Withrow January 17, 2022


NTUF Files Amicus in Buckeye Institute v. Kilgore

by Joe Bishop-Henchman January 14, 2022

Vote Alert 

Updated Elections Bill Would Harm Taxpayers and Non-profits. Senators Should Oppose the "Freedom to Vote Act."

by Thomas Aiello January 13, 2022


Members of Congress Should Not Be Able to Trade Individual Stocks

by Andrew Lautz January 13, 2022


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discussing the Upcoming Tax Filing Season on Fox News Channel

by Brandon Arnold January 13, 2022

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