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America's Taxpayers

Make 2017 the Year for Tax Reform

In order to keep tax reform on track, we need to keep this priority front and center in Washington.



NTU Cheers FCC’s Move to Protect Internet Freedom, Taxpayers

National Taxpayers Union applauds Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to lift the burdensome and outdated 'Title II' regulations.


Government to Wireless Users: “No Holiday Layaways, Pay Up!”

New report shows the shocking amount wireless users pay in local, state and federal tax.


Repeal the Individual Mandate

Whether it is repealed through tax reform now or later when health care is revisited, the individual mandate tax is an overreach of the government's coercive power and ought to be scrapped.


Government Travel Paid for by Taxpayers Must Be Accountable

Without greater transparency and accountability, the ethical issues permeating official Washington travel habits will continue to fester.


The North Star Of Tax Reform

We should pass the bill not for our own selfish interests, but in the interests of our country's future.

Press Mentions 

12 Critical Points About the Republican Tax Bills

"I think we're on a good timeline here, everything is moving very quickly, but in a very helpful and productive fashion," Arnold said.


Cheers to Tax Reform and Tax Cuts

Senate Finance Committee includes the "Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act" in their tax reform legislation.


New Legislation Would Close Pension Loophole for Convicted Members of Congress

Rep.Tenney's new bill clarifies that Members will lose their congressional pension upon sentencing for corruption, cutting off the appeals loophole.

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