Ninth Circuit Reverses Federal Win on Challenge to Ban on State Tax Cuts

by Joe Bishop-Henchman, Tyler Martinez May 19, 2022

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Senate Should Vote Down Unnecessary, $48 Billion Stimulus Bill

by Andrew Lautz May 19, 2022


NTU's Congressional Ratings: A Difficult Fiscal Year

by Brandon Arnold May 19, 2022

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NTU Urges Lawmakers to Oppose Misguided Fuel Pricing Legislation

by Will Yepez May 18, 2022

NTU Rates Congress

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NTU Writes to Congress on "Taxpayer Fairness" Across the IRS

by Andrew Lautz May 18, 2022


FDA Should Allow Americans to Buy EU Infant Formula (Starting Today)

by Bryan Riley May 18, 2022


Americans Do Not Want More Federal Regulation of Tech

by Will Yepez May 17, 2022

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CBO Needs Resources & Reforms to Fulfill Its Role

by Demian Brady May 17, 2022


NTU Leads Coalition in Support of National Emergencies Act Reform

May 16, 2022


Crypto Plunge Exposes the Folly of Taxing Unrealized Gains

by Andrew Wilford May 16, 2022


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses How the White House has Responded to the Supply Shortages on The Evening Edit

by Brandon Arnold May 13, 2022


Democrats’ Gas Prices Bill Opens Path for Overzealous Executive Branch

by Andrew Lautz, Will Yepez May 13, 2022


China Competition Bill Shouldn’t Punish U.S. Farmers, Manufacturers, and Workers

by Bryan Riley May 13, 2022

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