Senate Insulin Bill Would Help Relative Few, Could Raise Premiums and Taxpayer Costs

by Andrew Lautz July 01, 2022


New Taxes on Producers Starting July 1 Could Not Come at a Worse Time

by Demian Brady July 01, 2022


NTU Leads Taxpayer Coalition in Support of Bill to Boost Middle-Class Investing

by Andrew Lautz, Jeremy Ashe June 30, 2022


Celebrate Free Trade This Independence Day

by Bryan Riley June 30, 2022

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Continues to Attack the Financial Industry

by Alex Milliken June 28, 2022


Far From Improving, the IRS's Backlog Is Worse Than Last Year

by Andrew Wilford June 27, 2022


Federal Government Getting Ready to Open its Books and Show us the Receipts

by Andrew Lautz June 27, 2022


New Laffer Paper Shows Overzealous Antitrust Legislation Is Anti-Consumer

by Will Yepez June 24, 2022


Biden’s Gas Tax Holiday Comes At Rising Prices All Wrong

June 24, 2022


The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Reuses Egregious Budget Gimmick

by Demian Brady June 23, 2022


Bipartisan Data Privacy Bill Offers Decent Starting Point But Should Be Improved

by Will Yepez June 23, 2022


The FDA should exercise discretion in its enforcement and allow e-cigarettes

by Alex Milliken June 23, 2022


Biden Gas Tax Holiday Could Worsen Price Surge

by Jeremy Ashe June 22, 2022

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