ALIGN Act Would Accelerate America's Economic Recovery

by Brandon Arnold, Andrew Lautz April 16, 2021

Why You're Wrong About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

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Senate Finance Should Mind U.S. Competitiveness When Reforming the International Tax System

by Andrew Lautz April 16, 2021


NTU Leads Coalition of 23 in Urging Pro-Growth Business Tax Policy

by Andrew Lautz April 16, 2021

Issue Brief 

The Universal Service Fund Is On The Brink, But It’s Not Too Late To Save It

by Will Yepez April 15, 2021

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Wrong Then, Wrong Now: NTU-Organized Statement from Economists Once Again Cautions Against Drug Price Controls

by Pete Sepp April 15, 2021

Policy Paper 

Tax Complexity 2021: Compliance Burdens Ease for Third Year Since Tax Reform

by Demian Brady April 15, 2021


Antitrust Laws Should Not Be Used As A Swiss Army Knife

by Will Yepez April 14, 2021

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NTU Urges Representatives to Oppose the so-called "Paycheck Fairness Act"

by Thomas Aiello April 14, 2021


NTU Submits Letter Ahead of Senate Hearing on the Highway Trust Fund

by Thomas Aiello April 13, 2021

Press Release 

NTUF Files Amicus Brief in State of Ohio v Janet Yellen

April 12, 2021


After Decades of Civil Society Work, One Step Closer to Slaying the OCO Slush Fund Dragon

by Andrew Lautz April 09, 2021


Congress and the IRS Should Work on Unlocking Transit Benefits Due to Taxpayers

by Andrew Lautz April 08, 2021


Texas Legislature Should Reject Unwarranted Spending on Expensive Antitrust Suit

by Pete Sepp April 07, 2021

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