Press Release 

Which States Are Best for Remote Workers? NTUF Releases Remote-Work Index Ranking All 50 States

by Kevin Glass January 26, 2023

Research | Policy Paper 

The 2023 ROAM Index: How State Tax Codes Affect Remote and Mobile Workers

by Andrew Wilford January 26, 2023


The Federal Government Should Prioritize Knowledge, Skills and Abilities When Hiring

by Alex Milliken January 24, 2023

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The House Needs to Pass Reforms for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

by Alex Milliken January 23, 2023

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Policy Paper 

How Pharmacy Benefit Managers Impact Taxpayers and Government Spending

by Andrew Lautz January 23, 2023

Press Release 

5th Circuit Brief: Louisiana’s Sales Tax System is Unconstitutionally Complex

January 18, 2023


When Tax Revenues Achieve Preferential Treatment Over Taxpayers

by Andrew Wilford January 18, 2023


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discussing the Debt Ceiling Debate on Scripps News

by Brandon Arnold January 17, 2023


The IRS Is Still A Mess — Except When It Needs You To Pay Up

by Andrew Wilford January 16, 2023


FTX Train Wreck Demonstrates Need for Modernized Regulatory Guardrails

by Nicholas Johns January 12, 2023


Better Trade and Regulatory Policies Are Key to Battling High Prices

by Bryan Riley January 12, 2023


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discussing the New Bill to Cut IRS Funding on Scripps News

by Brandon Arnold January 11, 2023

Issue Brief 

Lessons from America's Great Inflation of the 1970s and Their Relevance Today

by Angel Aguirre January 11, 2023

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