Press Release 

President Trump’s Protectionism Is a Threat to American Security

by Kevin Glass October 19, 2018


NTUF Stands By Tariff and ACA Tax Calculations

October 15, 2018


Higher Taxes for Medicaid Expansion is a Bad Deal for Montana

by Thomas Aiello October 15, 2018


Taxpayers Win Big in Cigna-Express Scripts Deal

by Pete Sepp October 15, 2018

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Post-Presidency Perks Are Ripe for Reform

by Demian Brady October 13, 2018


USMCA Avoids Reimportation Mistake

by Brandon Arnold October 11, 2018


Florida’s Attempt to Impose Retroactive Taxes Signals the State is ‘Closed for Business’

by Andrew Wilford October 11, 2018


Trump's Tariffs Now Cost Americans More Than Obamacare Taxes

by Bryan Riley, Andrew Wilford October 10, 2018


Maine’s Economy Cannot Afford Question 1’s Tax Hike

by Thomas Aiello October 10, 2018


NTU Files Comments in Support of the Sprint T-Mobile Merger

by Pete Sepp October 09, 2018

Press Release 

NTU Files Amicus Brief In Taxpayers Rights Case

by Kevin Glass October 09, 2018


Administration's Ethanol Order Could Hurt Taxpayers

by Nan Swift October 09, 2018


Andrew Wilford and Lucas Vebber: Wisconsin's Tax Web Gets Stickier for Small Business

by Andrew Wilford October 06, 2018

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