TDC to Third Circuit: A 95% Tax on Prescription Drugs Tax Is Unconstitutional

by Tyler Martinez July 19, 2024






Senator Braun Introduces Legislation for a Better Budget Baseline and to Increase Transparency

by Ali Motamedi, Demian Brady July 19, 2024


Proposed Legislation Strengthens Taxpayer Rights at the IRS Independent Office of Appeals

by Gavin Giuliani July 19, 2024


The Payroll Tax Predicament: State Lawmakers, It's Time to Wake Up and Smell the Withholding

by Mattias Gugel, Jess Ward July 18, 2024

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NTU Supports the Renewing Investment in American Workers and Supply Chains Act and the Expansion of Full Expensing

by Brandon Arnold July 18, 2024

Press Release 

New Issue Brief: President Biden Will Earn More in Retirement than as President

July 18, 2024

Issue Brief 

Joe Biden in Line for a $413,000 Dual Pension Payout upon Departing the Presidency

by Demian Brady July 18, 2024


NTU's Nick Johns Discusses a Potential Shake Up at the Fed on Newsmax TV

by Nicholas Johns July 17, 2024

Press Release 

Menendez Conviction Should Lead to Congressional Pension Reform

July 16, 2024

Press Release 

NTU Warns of GOP Tariff Platform

July 16, 2024

Issue Brief 

Universal Baseline Tariff: A Self-Destructive Reaction to a Make-Believe Problem

by Bryan Riley July 16, 2024


Gov. Jim Pillen's desire to cut taxes laudable, but he should cut spending

by Mattias Gugel July 14, 2024

Press Release 

New Issue Brief: The Perks and Benefits Provided to the President’s Spouse

July 12, 2024

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