The Good, the ‘Meh,’ and the Ugly in Biden’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Plan

by Brandon Arnold, Andrew Lautz January 19, 2021

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Chairman Pai Leaves Strong Legacy at FCC

by Will Yepez January 14, 2021

Policy Paper 

The Budget Control Act of 2021: A Roadmap for Congress

by Andrew Lautz January 13, 2021


Impeachment and Presidential Perks

by Demian Brady January 12, 2021

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Issue Brief 

Do Black and Hispanic Workers Benefit from Trade?

by Bryan Riley January 12, 2021

Press Release 

New Paper on Remote Sales Tax Collection in Florida: Tread Lightly

January 12, 2021


Meal Delivery Price Controls Hurt Businesses and Consumers

by Leah Vukmir, Jess Ward January 11, 2021


Breach of Congress Could Put Taxpayers on the Hook for Costly Repairs and Security Enhancements

by Demian Brady January 07, 2021


Treasury Payment Snafus – Umpteenth Reason to Avoid “Return-Free” Scheme

by Pete Sepp January 07, 2021


USTR Backtracks in Digital Tax Fight

by Andrew Wilford January 07, 2021


Schumer Balked at Fixing NY Taxes on Remote Work

by Andrew Wilford January 07, 2021

Press Release 

NTU Statement on the Violence of January 6

January 07, 2021


Senator Durbin, Don’t Hurt Consumers By Making Credit Cards More Expensive

by Thomas Aiello January 07, 2021

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