NTU Endorses Legislation Bringing Stability and Accountability to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

by Thomas Aiello July 06, 2020

Issue Brief 

CBO's Most Recent Cost Estimates Highlight Congress's Big Spending Agenda

by Demian Brady July 02, 2020


Seven Good Government Groups Urge Inclusion of Taxpayer Right-To-Know Act in NDAA

by Andrew Lautz July 01, 2020


The Costly Impact of Illinois’s Proposed Graduated Income Tax

by Andrew Johnson July 01, 2020

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IRS Sends Settlement Offer Scare Tactic on Conservation Easements

by Pete Sepp, Joe Bishop-Henchman July 01, 2020

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$1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill is a Bad Deal For Taxpayers. Representatives Should Oppose

by Thomas Aiello July 01, 2020


How Improving the Tax Code’s Treatment of Structures Could Help Aid America’s Economic Recovery

by Andrew Lautz June 30, 2020

Press Release 

NTU Statement on USMCA Implementation

June 30, 2020


SCOTUS Ruling Brings Accountability to Consumer Agency, But Congressional Overhaul Still Needed

by Thomas Aiello June 30, 2020


NTU Applauds Portman, Foxx Bills to Reduce Regulatory Burdens

by Andrew Lautz June 30, 2020


How to Form Economic Relief Without Doing More harm Than Good

by Mattie Duppler June 29, 2020

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NTU Urges Representatives to Oppose Massive $200 Billion Housing Bill

by Thomas Aiello June 29, 2020


Telehealth Legislation and the Fight Against COVID-19

by Andrew Johnson June 29, 2020

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