Issue Brief 

Trump Trade Taxes Will Exceed Obamacare Taxes Next Year

by Bryan Riley, Demian Brady September 18, 2018


FCC Proposed Rulemaking Will Boost Development of Broadband Internet Services

by Thomas Aiello September 18, 2018


NTU-led Coalition Opposes Price Control Legislation in FAA Reauthorization

by Pete Sepp September 17, 2018

Press Release 

NTU Applauds Sensenbrenner Bill to Contain Fallout from Supreme Court Decision on Internet Sales Tax

September 14, 2018

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Press Release 

FTC Hearings Should Emphasize “Light-Touch” Regulation and Consumer Protection

September 13, 2018

Press Release 

Sepp: Big Job Ahead for New IRS Commissioner

September 13, 2018

Press Release 

Tax Reform 2.0 Can Maintain Economic Momentum

September 12, 2018

Issue Brief 

Medicare for All: Buyer Beware

by Demian Brady September 12, 2018

Vote Alert 

Lawmakers Should Support “Fighting Fraud to Protect Care for Seniors Act"

by Thomas Aiello September 11, 2018

Vote Alert 

Obamacare Reform Bill Would Help Workers and Small Businesses

by Nan Swift September 11, 2018


House Hearing Underscores the Need for Housing Finance Reform

by Thomas Aiello September 10, 2018


FCC's 5G Rollout Proposal Will Help U.S. Lead the Technology Race

by Kevin Glass September 10, 2018


NAFTA 2.0 Should Protect Americans' Property Rights

by Bryan Riley September 10, 2018

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