Republicans Stepping Up to Counter Dems on 'Medicare For All'

by Andrew Lautz October 23, 2019


Ways and Means Committee Members Should Oppose a Proposed Tax on Nicotine

by Thomas Aiello October 22, 2019


NTU Urges Senate to Deregulate the Television Marketplace

by Andrew Lautz October 22, 2019

Issue Brief 

Ideas to Expand and Promote the Use of Health Savings Accounts: An Alternative to Government-Run Health Insurance

by Andrew Lautz October 21, 2019

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Issue Brief 

California Attempting to Make National Law...Again

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford October 18, 2019


Coalition Urges Congress to Avoid Kicking Surprise Billing Proposals to Unelected Regulators

by Andrew Lautz October 17, 2019

Issue Brief 

American Households Spared Even Higher Bill with New China Trade Deal, but $54 Billion in Import Taxes Remain

by Bryan Riley October 17, 2019


NTU Writes in Opposition to the "Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act"

by Thomas Aiello October 16, 2019


House Ways & Means Committee Should Reject Pelosi Drug Plan Without Substantial Changes

by Andrew Lautz October 15, 2019


Washington, DC should Avoid a Tax on Sugary Beverages

by Thomas Aiello October 15, 2019

Issue Brief 

Understanding So-Called "Tax Expenditures"

by Nicole Kaeding October 14, 2019

Issue Brief 

Use It Or Lose It Spending Surge Evident in Race to Award Federal Contract Before End of FY 2019

by Demian Brady October 10, 2019

Press Release 

NTU Applauds Trump Executive Orders on Bureaucratic Transparency and Accountability

by Pete Sepp October 10, 2019

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