In Memoriam: Former NTU Chair Ernie Fitzgerald

by Pete Sepp February 15, 2019

Press Release 

Who Pays Income Taxes? New Analysis Shows Wealthy Pay Hefty Burden

by Kevin Glass February 14, 2019


NTU Urges Nebraska Lawmakers to Remove Tax Increases from Property Tax Reform Legislation

by Thomas Aiello February 14, 2019


High Sugar Prices Sour Valentine's Day

by Parker Gardner February 14, 2019

NTU Rates Congress

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NTU Endorses Pair of Positive Maryland Tax Proposals

by Thomas Aiello February 13, 2019


Taxpayer Groups Urge Immediate Reform to FHFA

by Pete Sepp February 13, 2019


Can a President Unilaterally Terminate NAFTA? These Legal Experts Say “No Way”

by Bryan Riley February 13, 2019


Hearings on T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Should Focus on Potential Taxpayer and Consumer Benefits

by Thomas Aiello February 12, 2019


Three Facts About Section 232 Steel Tariffs

by Bryan Riley February 12, 2019


NTU Urges Arkansas Lawmakers to Support Tax Cut legislation

February 12, 2019


NTU and ITR Recommend Property Tax Reform Options for Iowa Lawmakers

by Pete Sepp February 11, 2019


NTU Urges Virginia Lawmakers to Support Tax Relief Legislation

by Thomas Aiello February 11, 2019

Policy Paper 

The Budget Outlook Is Even Worse Than Reported

by Demian Brady February 08, 2019

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