Coalition of 14 Supports Permanent 100% Bonus Depreciation

by Andrew Lautz March 30, 2023

Which States Are Best For Remote Workers?

The 2023 ROAM index ranks every state on how they treat remote workers.


Polselli v. IRS Is About Due Process Rights

by Tyler Martinez March 29, 2023


Newsom's California Labor Policy Will Go National Under Secretary Su

by Nicholas Johns March 28, 2023


Pentagon Endorses Ending Defense “Wish Lists” for Good

by Andrew Lautz March 28, 2023

NTU Rates Congress

NTU's Rates Congress has looked at the voting record of every member of Congress.

See how your member of Congress stacks up!


When You Wish Upon a Star: 2024 Defense Wish Lists Total More Than $17 Billion

by Andrew Lautz March 28, 2023


Biden’s Trade Representative Confesses: Free Trade Is “The Problem That We Are Trying to Correct”

by Bryan Riley March 28, 2023


Brandon Arnold Discusses Potential IRS Overreach on Fox Business

by Brandon Arnold March 28, 2023


New York Lawmakers Want To Use a 'Netflix Tax' To Pay for the Subway

by Andrew Wilford March 28, 2023


NTU Supports Six Pro-Taxpayer Bills at Senate HSGAC Markup

by Andrew Lautz, Alex Milliken March 28, 2023

Policy Paper 

How Much is Medicine Worth to the American Taxpayer? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

by Andrew Lautz, Pete Sepp March 27, 2023

Vote Alert 

Lawmakers Should Support Energy Package

March 27, 2023

Press Release 

Washington State Supreme Court Ruling Results in Unprecedented $500 Million Tax Hike on Taxpayers

March 26, 2023


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discussing the Ongoing Inflation Crisis on Scripps News

by Brandon Arnold March 26, 2023

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