NTU Urges Montana Lawmakers to Reject Massive Tax Hike Legislation

by Thomas Aiello January 22, 2019


Open Letter to Congress: Reject the Reciprocal Trade Act

by Pete Sepp January 22, 2019


NTU's Mattie Duppler Discussing Trade on Yahoo Finance

by Mattie Duppler January 18, 2019

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Supplemental Spending Bill Exacerbates Federal Debt Disaster

by Nan Swift January 16, 2019

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NTU Urges New York Lawmakers to Allow Top Tax Rate to Expire

by Thomas Aiello January 15, 2019


Reciprocal Trade Act Would Close Markets and Punish Americans

by Bryan Riley January 10, 2019


The Details of Congress's New Technical Corrections Package

by Andrew Wilford January 04, 2019


NTU-Led Coalition Offers Recommendations Regarding the Updated Contact Lens Rule

by Pete Sepp December 27, 2018

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NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold Honored for Pro-Taxpayer Advocacy

by Kevin Glass December 27, 2018


Latest FDA Filing Highlights NTU's Commitment to Free Market Principles

by Brandon Arnold December 21, 2018


Treasury Proposes to Ease Pending Tax Regulations Impacting Citizens Abroad

by Demian Brady December 21, 2018

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Representatives Should Support Updated Tax-IRS Reform Package

by Nan Swift December 20, 2018


Top Responses to Newest Trade War Tweet

by Bryan Riley December 17, 2018

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