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Fiscal Responsibility Act Won't Solve America's Budget Crisis But Is A Good First Step

May 28, 2023

Which States Are Best For Remote Workers?

The 2023 ROAM index ranks every state on how they treat remote workers.


On Health Care, NTU Encourages Transparency Instead of Government Intervention

by Nicholas Johns May 26, 2023

Press Release 

NTU Launches Debt Ceiling Ad Campaign: "Cut Spending. Pass a Deal."

by Kevin Glass May 26, 2023


NTUF Writes UK House of Commons on Quantum Tech Policy

by Ryan Nabil May 26, 2023

NTU Rates Congress

NTU's Rates Congress has looked at the voting record of every member of Congress.

See how your member of Congress stacks up!


Minnesota Tax Officials Lose 9-0 in Supreme Court in Property Tax Case

by Joe Bishop-Henchman May 25, 2023


Expanding Government-backed Loan Programs Could Endanger Taxpayer Dollars

by Matthew Putnam May 25, 2023


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses the Looming Debt Default on Sinclair

by Brandon Arnold May 25, 2023


Delaware is missing out on the remote work economy. This is why

by Andrew Wilford May 25, 2023


Closing the Loophole: The No CORRUPTION Act Safeguards Taxpayer Dollars and Justice

by Demian Brady May 24, 2023


SCOTUS Protects Internet as We Know It

by Nicholas Johns May 24, 2023


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses the Debt Limit Deadline on Wilkow!

by Brandon Arnold May 23, 2023


NTU's Pete Sepp Discussing the Debt Ceiling Deadline on Talk 1370 AM

by Pete Sepp May 22, 2023


Do You Really Want Uncle Sam Helping File Your Taxes?

by Andrew Wilford May 22, 2023

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