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Let's Thank Congress For Delivering on Tax Reform



NTU Thanks House Committee for Passing the "Business of Insurance Regulatory Reform Act of 2017"

NTU thanks members on the House Financial Services Committee for passing H.R. 3746 to clarify a major section of the Dodd-Frank law.


NTU Comments To Rules Committee on Earmark Ban

NTU urges the House Rules Committee, in the strongest possible terms, not to overturn or undermine the ban on earmarks.

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NTU Urges Members to Support Legislation to Lower Import Taxes

NTU urges a "YES" vote on H.R. 4318, the "Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act" to make American businesses more competitive on the global market.


Congress Should Ground New Burdens on Air Travelers

NTU opposes proposals to increase the passenger facility charge.


Should President Trump Tax Washing Machines?

President Trump should put the interests of Americans first in washing machine decision.


Coalition Tells Congress: Don't Bring Back Earmarks!

More than thirty national and state-based conservative organizations are working together to stop the return of pork-barrel spending.

Press Release 

NTU Strongly Opposes Return to Earmarks

President's call to bring back earmarks won't "drain the swamp."

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