Revived FCC “Net Neutrality” Order Threatens Taxpayers and Consumers

The Federal Communications Commission this week announced that they will attempt to re-classify internet providers under Title II - what’s known as so-called “net neutrality.” These rules stifle innovation and threaten the United States’s position as the world’s leader in broadband.

NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold issued the following statement:

“This week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unfortunately revived the long-dead ‘net neutrality’ regulatory scheme. Bringing back the discredited Obama-era classification of internet providers under Title II of the Communications Act will slow down the deployment of high-speed service to homes and businesses across the country. When this outdated standard was repealed in 2017 by FCC Chair Ajit Pai, it was met with hysterical claims that the internet would be irreparably broken and all content would be throttled, byte by byte. 

“Despite the unwarranted hysteria, after the repeal of the Title II rules the internet has flourished. Speeds for broadband and mobile are faster and cheaper than ever, providers continue to invest in better technology, all while strong competition continues to give consumers more choices. This rehashing of a disproven narrative - that the government needs even more control over the internet - should greatly concern all taxpayers. National Taxpayers Union encourages Congress to repeal this rule and rein in the abuse of taxpayer dollars to revive yet another failed Obama policy priority.”

If you’d like to discuss the FCC’s newest attempts to implement Title II rules with NTU’s Brandon Arnold or another member of NTU’s policy team, contact NTU Vice President of Communications Kevin Glass at 703-299-8670 or at