Publications : Pete Sepp


Democrats’ Tax and Spend Agenda Threatens Iowa Taxpayers and Economy

by Pete Sepp September 30, 2021


Florida needs infrastructure built to last

by Pete Sepp September 24, 2021


NTU Endorses Brady, Crapo Legislation to Reform IRS and Protect Taxpayer Rights

by Pete Sepp, Andrew Lautz September 13, 2021


The Fuzzy Math Behind Biden’s IRS Enforcement Proposal

by Pete Sepp July 29, 2021


Oppose the Retroactive, Precedent-Setting Charitable Conservation Easement Program Integrity Act

by Pete Sepp July 27, 2021

Press Release 

A New State Antitrust Lawsuit ... and the Same Questions from Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp July 07, 2021

Policy Paper 

14 Recommendations for Congress and the IRS as They Attempt to Narrow the Tax Gap

by Pete Sepp, Andrew Lautz June 09, 2021


Senate Bill Would Provide Small Business Taxpayers With New Rights

by Pete Sepp, Andrew Lautz May 17, 2021

Policy Paper 

The Tax Gap: No Trillion Dollar Silver Bullet

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan, Pete Sepp May 13, 2021


Additional Business Taxes Mean Hurdles to Better Infrastructure

by Pete Sepp April 23, 2021


Warmed-Over Drug Price Controls Still Unappetizing for Patients, Taxpayers … and Economists

by Pete Sepp April 21, 2021


Wrong Then, Wrong Now: NTU-Organized Statement from Economists Once Again Cautions Against Drug Price Controls

by Pete Sepp April 15, 2021


Texas Legislature Should Reject Unwarranted Spending on Expensive Antitrust Suit

by Pete Sepp April 07, 2021

Even-Handed Antitrust Enforcement is Important to a Functioning Economy

by Pete Sepp March 29, 2021