Publications : Bailouts


House Ignores Opportunity to Reform Government's Role in the Flood Insurance Market

by Thomas Aiello October 13, 2017


Puerto Rico Continues to Suffer, Congress Must Act on Economic Growth Measures

by Pete Sepp March 23, 2017


Open Letter to the Senate: Keep the Promise of PROMESA for Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp June 21, 2016

Vote Alert 

NTU Vote Alert: Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA)

by Nan Swift June 09, 2016


PROMESA’s Progress for Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp June 08, 2016


Coming Together on a Pro-Taxpayer Solution for Puerto Rico

by Pete Sepp May 25, 2016

Press Release 

NTU-led Coalition Urges Congress to Reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

May 10, 2016


Puerto Rico Action Plan: What Should Taxpayers Look For?

March 10, 2016


NTU President Comments to the House Committee on Natural Resources Regarding Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Oversight, Economic Growth, and Financial Stability

by Pete Sepp February 24, 2016


To Address Puerto Rico’s Debt Problems, Look Beyond Chapter 9, Support Comprehensive Reforms

by Pete Sepp July 08, 2015

Press Release 

The Answer to Puerto Rico Debt Crisis is Reform, Not Bankruptcy

by Douglas Kellogg July 08, 2015


Four Years Later: 306,000 HAMP Re-Defaults

by Michael Tasselmyer July 24, 2013


Government Closes the Hatch on GM, Taxpayers Take the Loss

by Douglas Kellogg December 19, 2012


Conservator: Time to Plan for End of Fannie and Freddie

February 22, 2012