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How to Form Economic Relief Without Doing More harm Than Good

by Mattie Duppler June 29, 2020

Policy Paper 

COVID "Phase 4" Legislation: How Congress Can Best Support Workers, Businesses, and States

by Andrew Lautz, Mattie Duppler June 23, 2020


Coronavirus Crisis is not 2008 Financial Crisis -- Washington can Deliver the Relief America Needs Now

by Mattie Duppler March 26, 2020


NTU's Mattie Duppler on Yahoo Finance's "On the Move"

by Mattie Duppler February 26, 2020


Workers Benefit from Features That Reduce Corporate Income Taxes

by Nicole Kaeding, Mattie Duppler February 07, 2020


NTU's Mattie Duppler Discussing the Iowa Caucus on Yahoo Finance

by Mattie Duppler February 05, 2020


National Taxpayer Advocate Recommends Stronger Safeguards for Conservation Deduction

by Mattie Duppler February 03, 2020


Congress Ripping Up Its Wish List Would Make For A Merry Christmas

by Mattie Duppler December 06, 2019


Surprise: Be wary of Congress sneaking a 'fix' to surprise billing into year-end budget deal

by Mattie Duppler November 25, 2019


France’s Protectionist Digital Tax Plan Under Fire

by Bryan Riley, Mattie Duppler July 11, 2019

News | Media 

NTU's Mattie Duppler Discussing Facebook's New Cryptocurrency Libra on Yahoo Finance

by Mattie Duppler July 03, 2019

News | Media 

NTU's Mattie Duppler Discussing a Potential Capital Gains Tax Break on Yahoo Finance

by Mattie Duppler June 28, 2019


NTU Offers Tax Extenders Solutions to House & Senate Leaders

by Mattie Duppler June 25, 2019


Temporary Tax Extenders Coupled with Tax Hikes in House Ways & Means Bill

by Mattie Duppler June 21, 2019