Publications : Kevin Glass

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Government Price Controls on Prescription Drugs Harm Patients

by Kevin Glass December 06, 2018

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NTU Supports Secretary Mnuchin Speaking Out Against EU Digital Tax plan

by Kevin Glass October 26, 2018

Press Release 

NTU Files Amicus Brief In Taxpayers Rights Case

by Kevin Glass October 09, 2018


FCC's 5G Rollout Proposal Will Help U.S. Lead the Technology Race

by Kevin Glass September 10, 2018

Press Release 

NTU Congressional Ratings for the 115th Congress: Improvement, But More Work Needed

by Kevin Glass September 06, 2018

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NTU Trade Expert Bryan Riley Testifies Before Senate HELP Committee on Tariffs

by Kevin Glass September 05, 2018

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Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Dissembles When Confronted With Conservative Call For His Ouster

by Kevin Glass August 29, 2018


The Senate Can Support Trump’s Deregulatory Agenda By Acting On Nominees

by Kevin Glass August 03, 2018


NTU Free Trade Initiative Director Testifies At Commerce Hearing on New Tariffs

by Kevin Glass July 20, 2018

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EU's Google Fine Is Another Example of Europe's Reckless Campaign Against American Businesses

by Kevin Glass July 19, 2018


Coffman "Net Neutrality" Proposal Comes Up Short

by Kevin Glass July 17, 2018


Bipartisan Legislation is Key to U.S. Next-Gen Technology

by Kevin Glass July 16, 2018

Internet Policy Should Be Based in Modern Law, Not Archaic Regulations

by Kevin Glass June 26, 2018

Press Mentions 

Light-Touch Antitrust Policy Succeeds, and Consumers Will Win

by Kevin Glass June 12, 2018