Publications : Nicholas Johns


NTU's Nick Johns Discusses a Potential Shake Up at the Fed on Newsmax TV

by Nicholas Johns July 17, 2024

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NTU Urges "YES" on Unfunded Priorities List Amendment

by Nicholas Johns June 27, 2024

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NTU Urges "YES" on H.R. 8771, 2025 SFOPS Appropriations Act

by Nicholas Johns June 26, 2024


NTU Supports Seven FY 2025 NDAA Amendments

by Nicholas Johns June 11, 2024


NTU Supports FY 2025 Financial Services - General Government Appropriations Bill

by Nicholas Johns June 04, 2024


Supreme Court Ruling on CFPB Already Spelling Trouble for Taxpayers

by Nicholas Johns June 03, 2024

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NTU Urges “YES” on H.R. 4763, the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act

by Nicholas Johns May 22, 2024


NTU Supports Several Bills in House Budget Committee Markup

by Nicholas Johns May 15, 2024


NTU Letter Endorsing Repealing Big Brother Overreach Act

by Nicholas Johns May 10, 2024


Letter Supporting H.R. 8021, the Interstate Commerce Clarification Act

by Nicholas Johns April 29, 2024

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Vote “YES” On H.J. Res. 98

by Nicholas Johns April 10, 2024


New Transparency Bill Would Shine Light Into Appropriations Process

by Nicholas Johns March 19, 2024


Tax cuts should always be in season for Montana

by Nicholas Johns March 15, 2024


College Cost Reduction Act Could Restore Taxpayer Confidence

by Nicholas Johns March 13, 2024