Policy Paper 

Minding the Gap: Recommendations for Assessing, Addressing, and Ameliorating the Tax Gap

by Demian Brady, Andrew Wilford May 17, 2024

Tell Your Senators: Taxpayers Need Relief Now

The Tax Relief for Families and Workers Act would benefit American taxpayers and stimulate economic investment.


Setting the Record Straight on the Cost Estimates Improvement Act

by Demian Brady May 16, 2024


House Budget Chair Arrington’s Reform Bill Would Bolster Awareness of the Federal Debt

by Demian Brady May 16, 2024


NTU Supports Several Bills in House Budget Committee Markup

by Nicholas Johns May 15, 2024

NTU Rates Congress

NTU's Rates Congress has looked at the voting record of every member of Congress.

See how your member of Congress stacks up!


Bipartisan Reform Enhances Reporting and Oversight of Improper Payments

by Demian Brady May 15, 2024


The Cost Estimates Improvement Act Will Unveil Hidden Debt Costs in Legislation

by Demian Brady May 15, 2024


10 Things to Know about Biden’s Import Tax Increases

by Bryan Riley May 14, 2024

Press Release 

Biden Hikes Tariffs, Breaks Tax Pledge

by Kevin Glass May 14, 2024

Organizations Oppose Agriculture Committee Proposals to Increase Farm Subsidy Reference Prices

by Kevin Glass May 13, 2024


NTU Letter Endorsing Repealing Big Brother Overreach Act

by Nicholas Johns May 10, 2024


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses President Biden's Plans to Raise Your Taxes on Sinclair

by Brandon Arnold May 09, 2024

Issue Brief 

$31 Billion Hidden Debt Costs in the Emergency Supplemental Shows Need for Budget Reform

by Demian Brady May 08, 2024


NTU's Brandon Arnold Discusses the Impacts of Federal Overspending on John Solomon Reports

by Brandon Arnold May 07, 2024

NTU Mission

National Taxpayers Union (NTU) is the Voice of America's Taxpayers, mobilizing elected officials and citizens on behalf of tax relief and reform.