Publications : Shiyi Zhang


New Short-term Insurance Reforms Will Mean More Choices for Consumers

by Shiyi Zhang August 02, 2018


Imposing a Payroll Tax Will Be Disastrous to Maine’s Economy

by Shiyi Zhang July 26, 2018


Massachusetts’ Minimum Wage Hike and New Payroll Tax Will Leave Workers Behind

by Thomas Aiello, Shiyi Zhang July 10, 2018

Issue Brief 

Expanding Mid-Band Spectrum Is Imperative to U.S. Economy

by Shiyi Zhang July 09, 2018


Trump's Plan to Reduce Duplication in Government Programs Would Save Taxpayers Money

by Shiyi Zhang July 02, 2018


A Nationwide Internet Sales Tax is Bad for Business

by Shiyi Zhang June 28, 2018


Senate Failed to Address The Spending Problem by Killing The Rescissions Package

by Shiyi Zhang June 21, 2018