Publications : Pete Sepp

Press Release 

NTU Applauds Trump Executive Orders on Bureaucratic Transparency and Accountability

by Pete Sepp October 10, 2019

Press Release 

NTU Statement on Pelosi Drug Pricing Plan

by Pete Sepp September 19, 2019


Open Letter to Members of Congress: Oppose Higher Taxes on Airline Travelers

by Pete Sepp September 17, 2019


Congress Must Reject the Federal Internet Power Grab

by Pete Sepp September 10, 2019

Issue Brief 

More Power to Federal Trade Commission over Medicines: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

by Pete Sepp September 04, 2019

Press Release 

Another Quarterly Postal Loss, Another Taxpayer Headache

by Pete Sepp August 09, 2019


NTU Submits Comments on the FTC's Updated Contact Lens Rule

by Pete Sepp July 30, 2019


New Research Undercuts IRS Claims about Conservation Deductions

by Pete Sepp July 26, 2019

Issue Brief 

Pentagon’s Cloud Project: Clearer Skies Ahead?

by Pete Sepp July 22, 2019


Lazy Summer Days, Lazy Thinking on Airport Fees

by Pete Sepp July 16, 2019


Don't Let Politicians Ruin Cheap Air Travel

by Pete Sepp July 15, 2019


Green Shoots for Partnership Conservation Easements

by Pete Sepp July 09, 2019


Command-and-Control Schemes Won’t Fix Prescription Drug Price Increases

by Pete Sepp June 26, 2019


The Pro-Taxpayer Plan for State Infrastructure

by Pete Sepp May 24, 2019