Publications : Thomas Aiello


Reallocating 5.9 GHz Spectrum a Win for Taxpayers and Consumers

by Thomas Aiello December 13, 2019


Next Month, Taxpayers Are Set to Guarantee Your Neighbor’s $765,000 Mortgage

by Thomas Aiello December 03, 2019

Issue Brief 

The Taxpayer's Perspective: An Analysis of the Administration's Housing Finance Reform Proposal

by Thomas Aiello November 20, 2019


Another Year, Another Loss for the US Postal Service

by Thomas Aiello November 15, 2019


Election Day 2019 Results A Mixed Bag for Taxpayers

by Thomas Aiello November 14, 2019

Vote Alert 

NTU Opposes Legislation to Reauthorize Export-Import Bank

by Thomas Aiello November 12, 2019


Postmaster General Opening Presents a New Path Forward for the Postal Service

by Thomas Aiello November 11, 2019

Press Release 

NTU supports the FCC in its Court Appeal on Media Ownership Rule

by Thomas Aiello November 07, 2019


On Election Day, Texas Voters Should Ban an Income Tax

by Thomas Aiello October 28, 2019


Government Data Transparency Is Necessary to Prevent Next Housing Crash

by Thomas Aiello October 23, 2019


Ways and Means Committee Members Should Oppose a Proposed Tax on Nicotine

by Thomas Aiello October 22, 2019


NTU Writes in Opposition to the "Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act"

by Thomas Aiello October 16, 2019


Washington, DC should Avoid a Tax on Sugary Beverages

by Thomas Aiello October 15, 2019


Taxpayer Benefits of T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Highlighted in Latest Filing to DOJ

by Thomas Aiello October 08, 2019