Publications : Bryan Riley


The Trump Administration’s Trade Policy -- Comedy or Tragedy?

by Bryan Riley November 30, 2018


Just the Facts: Trade Deficits Do Not Reduce U.S. Employment

by Bryan Riley October 24, 2018


Trump's Tariffs Now Cost Americans More Than Obamacare Taxes

by Bryan Riley, Andrew Wilford October 10, 2018


The Trump Administration Can Learn From These Nobel Winners

by Bryan Riley October 08, 2018

Issue Brief 

NAFTA 2.0: What Comes Next For the USMCA and American Trade Policy

by Brandon Arnold, Bryan Riley October 03, 2018


No Canada? No NAFTA 2.0

by Bryan Riley, Brandon Arnold September 28, 2018


Missouri Pays for Trump Adviser’s Failed Trade Strategy

by Bryan Riley September 10, 2018

Press Release 

NTU's Letter to the U.S. Trade Representative: More Transparency For Hearings

by Bryan Riley August 17, 2018


NTU Free Trade Initiative Director Bryan Riley Testimony to the Department of Commerce on New Auto Industry Tariffs

by Bryan Riley July 19, 2018

Press Release 

Mr. President: Don’t Reverse Course On Tax Cuts

by Bryan Riley July 06, 2018


What's More Important To Farmers: Trade Or Taxpayer Payments?

by Bryan Riley June 27, 2018


NTU Reiterates Position Against New Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

by Bryan Riley June 19, 2018


New Tariffs Are Higher Taxes On Americans - and They Are Failed Trade Policy

by Bryan Riley June 15, 2018


President Trump: Renew Your Commitment to an "America First" Trade Agenda at the G7 Summit

by Bryan Riley June 08, 2018