Publications : Bryan Riley


40 Years Ago: Reagan Ends Grain Embargo. What Will Biden Do About Tariffs?

by Bryan Riley April 22, 2021


Oil Prices and Government Regulation

by Bryan Riley April 20, 2021


Biden Administration Should Live Up to Trade Enforcement Promises

by Bryan Riley April 06, 2021


Economists Warned Trump about Tariffs. Will Biden Listen when Trump Didn’t?

by Bryan Riley April 02, 2021

Issue Brief 

Four Ways to Achieve a Worker-Centric Trade Policy

by Bryan Riley March 25, 2021

Issue Brief 

Economic Report of the President Provides Feeble Defense of Trump Trade Policy

by Bryan Riley March 08, 2021


What President Biden Can Learn From President Reagan

by Bryan Riley February 08, 2021


Don’t Let Trump Taxes Become Trump/Biden Taxes

by Bryan Riley February 03, 2021


Trump-Biden Buy American Policies: Costly for Taxpayers

by Bryan Riley January 26, 2021


Ten Pieces on Trade

by Bryan Riley January 18, 2021

Issue Brief 

Do Black and Hispanic Workers Benefit from Trade?

by Bryan Riley January 12, 2021


Lighthizer Interview Should Be Required Reading for Econ Students

by Bryan Riley December 18, 2020

Issue Brief 

Three Surprising Facts About International Trade and Manufacturing

by Bryan Riley November 30, 2020


NTU Comments On Trade Investigation into Vietnam Policy and Practice

by Bryan Riley November 11, 2020