Publications : Bryan Riley


Congress Should Ease the Sugar Blockade

by Bryan Riley September 15, 2023


Canada Should Refrain from Imposing New Digital Sales Taxes

by Andrew Wilford, Bryan Riley September 13, 2023


Trump Promises “Massive” Tax Increase if Returned to Office

by Bryan Riley August 29, 2023


Import Taxes Inflate Back-to-School Prices

by Bryan Riley August 10, 2023


New Poll Confirms Americans’ Support for Trade

by Bryan Riley July 17, 2023

Issue Brief 

A Reality Check for American Compass's Version of Capitalism

by Bryan Riley July 10, 2023


Congress Moves to Reclaim Constitutional Authority Over Commerce and Duties

by Bryan Riley June 20, 2023


The Leveling the Playing Field Act 2.0 is Tilted Against the American Economy

by Bryan Riley June 14, 2023


NTU Urges Congress To Uphold Sound Policy In Ag Appropriations Bill

by Bryan Riley June 13, 2023

Issue Brief 

Sanders-Hawley Tariff Would Be Biggest Tariff Hike Since Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930

by Bryan Riley May 18, 2023

Issue Brief 

Debunking the China Shock Hoax

by Bryan Riley May 16, 2023


Garbage In, Garbage Out: The Biden Administration’s Warped View of Trade

by Bryan Riley May 04, 2023


Pruning the Biden Administration’s Green Subsidies

by Bryan Riley April 26, 2023

Vote Alert 

NTU Urges House to Reject Solar Tariffs

by Bryan Riley April 25, 2023