Publications : Andrew Moylan

Issue Brief 

States Should Exempt Non-Taxable Sales When Setting Wayfair Thresholds

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford September 12, 2019

Issue Brief 

Wayfair Revenue Estimates Come Up Short

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford August 14, 2019

Issue Brief 

The Wayfair Decision: How Michigan Policymakers Should Respond

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford June 04, 2019

Issue Brief 

California’s “Doing Business” Tax Should Face High Court Scrutiny

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford May 15, 2019


U.S. Supreme Court should stop California’s cash grab

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan May 08, 2019

Issue Brief 

Congress and Administration Should Look Into Extending Tax Filing Deadline

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford March 07, 2019

Issue Brief 

Congressional Responses to Wayfair

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford September 26, 2018

Issue Brief 

South Dakota v. Wayfair: What It Means

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford August 23, 2018


NTUF Executive Vice President Andrew Moylan Testimony to House Judiciary Committee

by Andrew Moylan July 25, 2018


Congress Must Act To Protect Businesses From New Complex Sales Tax Schemes

by Andrew Moylan July 24, 2018


New Internet Tax Should Be DOA in Congress

by Andrew Moylan March 03, 2018

Press Release 

NTU Leads Coalition of Organizations in Opposition to Internet Sales Tax Legislation

by Andrew Moylan February 27, 2018

Press Release 

NTUF Reacts to Supreme Court decision on Reviewing South Dakota Case

by Andrew Moylan January 12, 2018


TCJA's Simplifications Free Up Another Super Bowl's Worth of Time and Money

by Andrew Moylan December 20, 2017