Publications : Budget

Issue Brief 

Tariffs and Retaliatory Actions Add to the Uncertainty of CBO’s Farm Bill Cost Estimates

by Demian Brady November 30, 2018


A Review of CBO’s 2018 Transparency Initiatives

by Demian Brady November 09, 2018

Issue Brief 

Fair-Value Analysis of Federal Loan Programs Provides Fairness for Taxpayers

by Demian Brady October 05, 2018


Enzi Amendment Would Preserve Baseline Fiscal Discipline

by Demian Brady August 23, 2018


CBO's Transparency Still Needs Improvement

by Demian Brady July 27, 2018


Budget Conferees Should Continue to Resist Attempts to Raise Spending Caps

by Demian Brady July 17, 2018


The Clock Is Ticking on Rescissions

by Demian Brady June 21, 2018


Congress: Don’t Raise the Spending Caps Even Higher

by Demian Brady June 19, 2018

Issue Brief 

A Realistic Budget Baseline Exposes Higher Spending on Horizon

by Demian Brady June 12, 2018

Issue Brief 

CBO’s Medicare Part D Score Revision Has Costly Implications

by Demian Brady June 06, 2018


Good Government Means Cutting Congressional Perks

by Demian Brady June 05, 2018


President Revives Dormant Process to Target Dormant Spending

by Demian Brady May 08, 2018

Issue Brief 

Gaming the Farm Bill Baseline

by Demian Brady May 01, 2018


New Congressional Budget Office Report Finds Trillion-Dollar Deficits Driven By Out-of-Control Spending

by Demian Brady April 09, 2018