Publications : Budget

Issue Brief 

The Republican Study Committee’s Blueprint Would Balance the Budget and Improve CBO

by Demian Brady July 06, 2022


The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Reuses Egregious Budget Gimmick

by Demian Brady June 23, 2022

Issue Brief 

Rand Paul’s Six Cents Would Put the Budget on the Right Track

by Demian Brady June 22, 2022


CBO’s Budget Outlook Projects Massive Rising Tide of Red Ink

by Demian Brady May 25, 2022

Issue Brief 

CBO Needs Resources & Reforms to Fulfill Its Role

by Demian Brady May 17, 2022


Senate Budget Chair Sanders Finally Complies with Basic Budget Reporting Requirement

by Demian Brady May 02, 2022


Biden’s Dubious Claim to Fiscal Responsibility

by Andrew Wilford April 14, 2022

Policy Paper 

Government Spending in Historical Context

by Demian Brady April 07, 2022

Issue Brief 

Biden's Budget Leans Heavily on DOA Tax Hikes for Deficit Reduction

by Demian Brady March 31, 2022


Convicted Representative Fortenberry Faces Jail Time and Loss of His Congressional Pension Perk

by Demian Brady March 25, 2022


U. S. Global Competitiveness in Tech at Stake as Congress Advances Antitrust Legislation

February 11, 2022


The National Debt Reaches Another Dubious Milestone

by Andrew Wilford February 07, 2022

Issue Brief 

Budget Committees Continue to Ignore Statutory Scorekeeping Obligations

by Demian Brady January 24, 2022