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Amicus Brief: Social Media Companies Have First Amendment Rights

by Tyler Martinez December 08, 2023


Reforming the European Union’s Proposed AI Regulatory Sandbox

by Ryan Nabil October 26, 2023


NTUF Seeks Records from Wisconsin DOJ About Amazon Case

by Mattias Gugel October 25, 2023


Why Congress and the Courts Need to Hold the FTC Accountable

by Ryan Nabil October 10, 2023


The FTC's Incoherent Crusade Against Amazon

by Andrew Wilford October 03, 2023


You’re Paying For Pensions Of Convicted Public Servants, But We Can Change That

by Andrew Wilford September 29, 2023


NTUF's Demian Brady Discussing Congressional Pension Reform on News Talk STL

by Demian Brady September 28, 2023


Will Bob Menendez Keep His Pension?

by Demian Brady September 24, 2023


Bipartisan Support for Permitting Reform Could Unleash America’s Energy Potential

by Atticus Vernacchio August 31, 2023

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Chevron Deference on the Chopping Block? TDC Weighs in on Blockbuster Case for Next Supreme Court Term

by Tyler Martinez July 24, 2023


Letter to the White House: The Need for A Flexible and Innovative AI Framework

by Ryan Nabil July 07, 2023


Controversial Public Lands Rule Subverts American Interests

by Dylan Coombs June 27, 2023

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Colorado Brief: TABOR’s Plain Language Should Control Water District Tax Increases

by Tyler Martinez May 16, 2023


Supreme Court Hears Tyler v Hennepin County Property Tax Case

by Joe Bishop-Henchman April 26, 2023