Congress Should Offset Emergency Spending

by Demian Brady, Jacob Plott February 06, 2020

Issue Brief 

Navy Shipyards Are Unprepared For Fleet Expansion and Costs to Catch Up Remain Uncertain

by Jacob Plott February 05, 2020


Words to Remember from Mike Moore

by Bryan Riley February 03, 2020

Issue Brief 

Three Surprising Benefits of Trade Deficits

by Bryan Riley January 30, 2020


State Digital Advertising Taxes: A New Trend that Should End Quickly

by Nicole Kaeding January 29, 2020


The Budget Outlook is Even Worse than Advertised

by Demian Brady January 28, 2020


Profitable Companies Aren't Always Profitable

by Nicole Kaeding January 28, 2020


Five Types of Businesses You Might Not Expect Could Be Targeted By NY’s Digital Tax

by Andrew Wilford, Andrew Moylan January 28, 2020


The Pentagon’s Accounting Practices Deserve Greater Scrutiny: Smudging Your Checkbook Does Not Encourage Good Financial Management

by Jacob Plott January 27, 2020

Who Pays Income Taxes?

NTUF's review of the IRS's figures for Tax Year 2015 (the latest available) find the top income earners are paying a share of personal income tax at a near historical high.


Tariffs Are Like a Virus Infecting the U.S. Economy

January 26, 2020


Celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day

by Bryan Riley January 24, 2020

Issue Brief 

Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act Would Ease Completion of an Inventory of Federal Programs

by Demian Brady January 24, 2020