The Ongoing Unintended Consequences of Aluminum Tariffs

by Bryan Riley May 18, 2020

Issue Brief 

Reforms Will Be Needed to Fix the Worsening Budget Outlook

by Demian Brady May 13, 2020


California's Mugging of Uber and Lyft Is Anti-Innovation

by Andrew Wilford May 12, 2020


Governors Should Follow Hogan’s Lead On Digital Taxes

by Andrew Wilford May 08, 2020


Treasury Should Push Its Tax-Filing Deadline Past July 15th

by Andrew Wilford May 05, 2020


Congress, What Did You Mean Here?

by Andrew Moylan May 04, 2020

Issue Brief 

More Tax Delays Are Necessary

by Andrew Moylan April 29, 2020


The Dangerous Tax Implication of 'Tele-Working'

by Andrew Wilford April 27, 2020

Issue Brief 

Don’t Let COVID Remote Work Become a Tax Trap

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford April 24, 2020

Who Pays Income Taxes?

NTUF's review of the IRS's figures for Tax Year 2015 (the latest available) find the top income earners are paying a share of personal income tax at a near historical high.

Press Release 

Report: Groups Find "Common Ground" On Nearly $800 Billion in Cuts To Wasteful Federal Spending

April 23, 2020


Times Up For States' Authority to Tax the Internet

by Andrew Wilford April 21, 2020


Coronavirus Trade Contraction Dispels Unemployment Myths

by Jacob Plott April 16, 2020