Issue Brief 

What's Going On With Tax Refunds?

by Andrew Wilford February 21, 2019

Press Release 

Who Pays Income Taxes? New Analysis Shows Wealthy Pay Hefty Burden

by Kevin Glass February 14, 2019


Can a President Unilaterally Terminate NAFTA? These Legal Experts Say “No Way”

by Bryan Riley February 13, 2019

Policy Paper 

The Budget Outlook Is Even Worse Than Reported

by Demian Brady February 08, 2019

Issue Brief 

Reciprocity for Disaster

by Bryan Riley February 05, 2019


Wilford: Sanders Just Dropped Another Confiscatory Tax Proposal

by Andrew Wilford February 02, 2019


CBO: Trump's Trade Tariffs Weaken GDP

by Demian Brady January 29, 2019

Issue Brief 

Costly Trade Policies Undermine President Trump’s Accomplishments

by Bryan Riley January 28, 2019


Wilford: Ocasio-Cortez is Wrong — Billionaires are an American Success, not a Flaw

by Andrew Wilford January 27, 2019

Who Pays Income Taxes?

NTUF's review of the IRS's figures for Tax Year 2015 (the latest available) find the top income earners are paying a share of personal income tax at a near historical high.


Taxpayers Paid for Research into Stargates & Warp Drive in Secret Defense Program

by Demian Brady January 24, 2019


Wilford: Nationalizing Credit Card Companies — Liberals’ Latest Great Idea

by Andrew Wilford January 23, 2019


State Budget Planners Will Count on Phantom Revenue Streams This Year

by Andrew Wilford January 12, 2019