Policy Paper 

What the IRS's New Enforcement Budget Means for Taxpayers

by Demian Brady September 21, 2022


TDC Asks Supreme Court to Hear Two Cases Protecting Taxpayers from Greedy State Revenue Agencies

by Travis Nix September 19, 2022


With Latest Biden Proposal, Spending on Emergencies Would Reach $150 Billion Since January 2021 - More Than $900 Per Household

by Andrew Lautz September 16, 2022

Issue Brief 

Federalism Concerns Should Be No Bar to Relief For Small Online Sellers

by Andrew Wilford, Tyler Martinez September 16, 2022


It Took a Month for White House to Undo Any IRA Deficit Reduction

by Andrew Wilford September 13, 2022


Taxpayers Still Paying Congressional Pensions for Criminals

by Demian Brady September 12, 2022

Policy Paper 

An Anti-Inflation Agenda That Respects U.S. Taxpayers, Workers, and Businesses

by Andrew Lautz September 07, 2022


Breaking Down the Cost of Biden Debt Cancellation Per Taxpayer

by Andrew Wilford September 05, 2022

IRS Again Fails to Protect Taxpayer Data

by Tyler Martinez September 02, 2022

Who Pays Income Taxes?

NTUF's review of the IRS's figures for Tax Year 2015 (the latest available) find the top income earners are paying a share of personal income tax at a near historical high.


NTUF Argues Against Doubled Property Tax in Colorado

by Joe Bishop-Henchman September 01, 2022


Clearing Up 4 Myths About Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation

by Andrew Lautz August 31, 2022


New Mexico Digital Tax Change Creates Potential Sourcing Issues

by Andrew Wilford August 31, 2022