Taxpayer Defense Center

NTUF’s Taxpayer Defense Center (TDC), our public interest litigation arm, argues in court for taxpayers’ rights. Our lawyers challenge overzealous, unfair tax administration, and TDC lawsuits have led to better policy and wins worth tens of millions of dollars for individuals and businesses nationwide.

Active Litigation: 

Amicus Briefs 


TDC to Third Circuit: A 95% Tax on Prescription Drugs Tax Is Unconstitutional

by Tyler Martinez July 19, 2024


Supreme Court Punts on Resolving Netchoice Cases but Signals Its Ready to Overturn Texas and Florida Laws

by Tyler Martinez July 02, 2024

Press Release 

NTUF's Taxpayer Defense Center Reacts to NetChoice Decision

by Tyler Martinez, Courtney Manley July 01, 2024

Press Release 

NTUF Reacts to Supreme Court’s Moore v. United States Decision: 7-2 Ruling Rejects Lower Court’s Ruling on a Wealth Tax

by Courtney Manley June 20, 2024


South Dakota’s Use Tax Threatens Basic Principles of Fair Tax Policy

by Andrew Wilford June 07, 2024


NTUF Defends Unanimous Win Protecting Taxpayers from Doubled Property Taxes

by Tyler Martinez May 29, 2024

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NTUF Asks Supreme Court to Hear Zilka Double Taxation Case

by Joe Bishop-Henchman April 05, 2024


Recent Minibus Keeps Key Budget Riders to Protect Donor Privacy

by Tyler Martinez March 25, 2024


NTUF Victory in Colorado: Appellate Court Holds TABOR Prevents Doubling of Tax Rate Without a Vote of the People

by Tyler Martinez March 22, 2024

Amicus Brief 

In High Stakes 3M Case, Eighth Circuit Should Rule IRS Must Follow Established Guidance

by Tyler Martinez February 29, 2024


Texas and Florida Social Media Laws Argued at the Supreme Court

by Tyler Martinez February 26, 2024


Legal Challenge to Digital Ad Tax to Continue After Fourth Circuit Decision

by Joe Bishop-Henchman January 10, 2024

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NTUF Files Brief to Protect Michigan Property Owners' Rights

by Lindsey Carpenter December 22, 2023

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NTUF Fights to Defend Landowner's Rights in Massachusetts

by Lindsey Carpenter, Joe Bishop-Henchman December 21, 2023


IRS Proposed Crypto Regulations Are Unworkable

by Lindsey Carpenter December 20, 2023