Publications : Trade

Issue Brief 

Protectionism in U.S. Defense Spending: The Cost of Mistaking Politics and Parochialism for National Security

April 09, 2019

Issue Brief 

Don't Use USMCA As A Trojan Horse For Tax Increases

by Bryan Riley March 12, 2019


Wilford: Trump Has Increased America's Trade Deficit — and That's a Good Thing

by Andrew Wilford March 10, 2019


Can a President Unilaterally Terminate NAFTA? These Legal Experts Say “No Way”

by Bryan Riley February 13, 2019

Issue Brief 

Reciprocity for Disaster

by Bryan Riley February 05, 2019


CBO: Trump's Trade Tariffs Weaken GDP

by Demian Brady January 29, 2019

Issue Brief 

Costly Trade Policies Undermine President Trump’s Accomplishments

by Bryan Riley January 28, 2019


Top Responses to Newest Trade War Tweet

by Bryan Riley December 17, 2018

Issue Brief 

Bipartisan Reform Bills Aim to Control Trade Taxes

by Revana Sharfuddin December 10, 2018


Tariffs Take a Major Bite Out of Household Income

by Bryan Riley November 27, 2018


Trick on Treats

by Revana Sharfuddin October 30, 2018

Press Release 

President Trump’s Protectionism Is a Threat to American Security

by Kevin Glass October 19, 2018

Issue Brief 

Trump Trade Taxes Will Exceed Obamacare Taxes Next Year

by Bryan Riley, Demian Brady September 18, 2018


NAFTA 2.0 Should Protect Americans' Property Rights

by Bryan Riley September 10, 2018