Publications : Taxes

Press Release 

Tax Filing Delay Brings Relief To Taxpayers, Congress Can Still Do More To Help

March 20, 2020


Which States Have Delayed Tax Payments or Filings?

March 19, 2020


Congress Needs To Step In To Delay Tax Filing, Not Just Tax Payments

by Nicole Kaeding March 18, 2020


Another Silly Attack on the TCJA

by Andrew Wilford March 18, 2020

Press Release 

National Taxpayers Union Foundation Applauds Tax Payment Delay, Urges Treasury to Extend Filing Deadline

March 17, 2020


Delayed Tax Filing: A Cost Effective Way to Avert Slowdowns

by Andrew Wilford March 16, 2020


Delaying Tax Filing Season due to COVID-19

by Nicole Kaeding March 11, 2020

Issue Brief 

Don’t Let Full Expensing Become Another Tax Extender

by Andrew Wilford February 27, 2020


Maintaining GILTI’s High-Tax Exemption

by Nicole Kaeding February 27, 2020


One of the Most Crucial Aspects of Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Is In Danger of Expiring

by Andrew Wilford February 18, 2020


A Look At Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Tax Policies

by Andrew Wilford February 15, 2020


Is Joe Biden a Moderate? If You Call $2.3 Trillion in Tax Hikes Moderation.

by Andrew Wilford February 11, 2020


House Democrats Mislead Taxpayers On Corporate Taxes

by Andrew Wilford February 10, 2020


The Tax Refund 'Disaster' of 2019 That Quite Simply Wasn't

by Andrew Wilford February 04, 2020