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Don't Base a Wealth Tax On Rising Inequality

by Andrew Wilford December 07, 2023


Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Moore v. United States

by Joe Bishop-Henchman, Tyler Martinez, Lindsey Carpenter December 05, 2023


In Memoriam: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

by Joe Bishop-Henchman December 01, 2023


Supreme Court to Hear Moore Realized Gains Case on December 5

by Joe Bishop-Henchman November 29, 2023


Pennsylvania Court Rules Against Taxpayer Double Taxation Case

by Joe Bishop-Henchman November 22, 2023


NTUF's Comments On IRS Cryptocurrency Regulations

by Lindsey Carpenter November 14, 2023

Issue Brief 

Updated IRS Tax Gap Estimates Tell the Same Old Story

by Andrew Wilford November 14, 2023


NTUF Defends Small Business Owners Against Double Taxation in New Case

by Joe Bishop-Henchman, Lindsey Carpenter November 03, 2023

Policy Paper 

Tax Migration Out of High-Tax States Accelerating Post-Pandemic

by Andrew Wilford November 01, 2023


New Tax Proposal Makes Washington DC Inhospitable For Businesses

by Andrew Wilford October 27, 2023

Blog | Amicus Brief 

TDC to First Circuit: Financial Privacy is a Substantial and Essential Right

by Tyler Martinez October 25, 2023

Issue Brief 

SALT States Aren’t “Donor States,” They Have High-Income “Donor Taxpayers”

by Andrew Wilford October 19, 2023


IRS Contractor Who Stole Taxpayer Data Pleads Guilty

by Joe Bishop-Henchman October 18, 2023


A Slap On the Wrist For Leaking Thousands of Tax Returns

by Andrew Wilford October 16, 2023