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NTUF Stands By Tariff and ACA Tax Calculations

October 15, 2018

Issue Brief 

Congressional Responses to Wayfair

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford September 26, 2018

Issue Brief 

Trump Trade Taxes Will Exceed Obamacare Taxes Next Year

by Bryan Riley, Demian Brady September 18, 2018


America’s New Sales-Tax Mess

by Andrew Wilford September 12, 2018

Stock Buybacks Are a Sign of Economic Health

August 29, 2018


Trump Capital Gains Tax Change is Wise Policy to Boost our Economy

by Andrew Wilford August 24, 2018

Issue Brief 

South Dakota v. Wayfair: What It Means

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford August 23, 2018


OPINION 'Ready Return' Not Ready For Prime Time

by Demian Brady August 20, 2018


Relief Needed from Unaccountable Foreign Accounts Tax Law

by Demian Brady, Jacob Plott August 17, 2018


NTUF Executive Vice President Andrew Moylan Testimony to House Judiciary Committee

by Andrew Moylan July 25, 2018

Issue Brief 

Reforming Higher Ed Tax System Should Be Part of Tax Reform 2.0

by Andrew Wilford June 28, 2018

Press Release 

Supreme Court Invites Chaos with Decision in Internet Sales Tax Case

by Kevin Glass June 21, 2018

Issue Brief 

The Hottest Trend in Local Tax Hiking: Employee Head Taxes

by Andrew Wilford May 31, 2018


In Celebration of an Earlier Tax Freedom Day

by Andrew Wilford April 19, 2018