Publications : Taxes

Issue Brief 

The Wayfair Decision: How Michigan Policymakers Should Respond

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford June 04, 2019

Policy Paper 

Post-Wayfair Sales Tax Reform in Louisiana

May 16, 2019

Issue Brief 

California’s “Doing Business” Tax Should Face High Court Scrutiny

by Andrew Moylan, Andrew Wilford May 15, 2019

Commentary: Sales Tax “Safe Harbor” is Not Too Big. If Anything, it’s Too Small.

May 07, 2019

Press Release 

NTUF Files Brief Urging Supreme Court to Take Case Challenging California’s Cross-Border Taxation

by Kevin Glass May 03, 2019


For Some Americans, the Tax Man Never Leaves

by Andrew Wilford May 01, 2019


Wilford: Blue States Look to Counter Gains From Trump Tax Cuts

by Andrew Wilford April 26, 2019


Trump Tax Cuts Eased Complexity and Compliance Burden on American Taxpayers

by Demian Brady April 16, 2019

Wilford: Media Praises Itself for Misleading Americans on Tax Cuts

by Andrew Wilford April 15, 2019

Policy Paper 

Tax Reform Bill Made Modest Progress Toward Simplification, But Significant Hurdles Remain

by Demian Brady April 15, 2019

Issue Brief 

Responding to the Wayfair Decision in Big Sky Country

April 11, 2019


Wiford: Democrats' Refusal to Help With Tax Reform is Hurting Business

by Andrew Wilford March 30, 2019


IRS Could Help Taxpayers by Delaying Filing Deadline

by Andrew Wilford March 28, 2019


Amazon’s Zero Tax Liability Comes from Bipartisan Consensus

by Andrew Wilford March 08, 2019