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Minnesota Tax Officials Lose 9-0 in Supreme Court in Property Tax Case

by Joe Bishop-Henchman May 25, 2023


Do You Really Want Uncle Sam Helping File Your Taxes?

by Andrew Wilford May 22, 2023

Press Release 

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Hears Arguments in Landmark Halstead Sales Tax Case

by Kevin Glass May 02, 2023

Issue Brief 

Tax "Shame Lists": 19 States Publish Private Info About Taxpayers

by Andrew Wilford April 19, 2023


Your Tax Data at Risk: Why the IRS Must Prioritize Cybersecurity

by Demian Brady April 18, 2023

Policy Paper 

6.5 Billion Hours, $260 Billion: What Tax Complexity Costs Americans

by Demian Brady April 17, 2023

Press Release 

IRS $80 Billion Spending Plan Lacks Key Details Needed for Taxpayers

by Pete Sepp April 06, 2023


IRS Funding Reallocation Could Improve Taxpayer Service, Modernization Efforts

by Andrew Lautz March 31, 2023


Polselli v. IRS Is About Due Process Rights

by Tyler Martinez March 29, 2023


A List of 10 Familiar Budget Gimmicks, Debatable Assumptions in New Biden Budget

by Andrew Lautz March 13, 2023


How Will the Economy Perform in 2023, 2024? White House, CBO Differ

by Andrew Lautz March 10, 2023


Biden's New Budget Looks to Make the IRS Plus Up Funding Permanent

by Demian Brady March 10, 2023


The Highlights of President Biden’s 2024 Tax Proposals

by Andrew Lautz March 09, 2023