Publications : Taxes

Issue Brief 

States Follow California’s Ill-Advised Lead on Consumer Privacy Legislation

by Andrew Wilford November 17, 2020


Halloween and the Candy Tax

by Bryan Riley October 30, 2020


Taxing Telecommuters: New Hampshire v. Massachusetts

by Joe Bishop-Henchman October 21, 2020

Issue Brief 

Who Doesn't Pay Income Taxes? Tax Year 2018

by Demian Brady October 14, 2020


Biden's Call for a Minimum Corporate Tax Is Hazardous In Covid-Era

by Andrew Wilford October 13, 2020


Don’t Blame Net Operating Loss Deductions for Trump’s Taxes. His Returns are Unusual.

by Andrew Wilford October 09, 2020

Issue Brief 

“Backdoor Retroactivity:” How California Finds Itself In Court Over a Dubious Tax Grab

by Andrew Wilford October 06, 2020

What Can We Learn from President Trump's Tax Returns?

by Joe Bishop-Henchman September 27, 2020


Tar Heels Face COVID-19 Tax Hit When They Work Across State Lines

by Andrew Wilford September 27, 2020


How Would Amy Coney Barrett Rule on Taxpayer Cases?

by Joe Bishop-Henchman September 25, 2020


California Supreme Court Declines to Resolve Supermajority Tax Confusion

by Joe Bishop-Henchman September 16, 2020


IRS Responds with Brief in CIC Services Supreme Court Case

by Joe Bishop-Henchman September 11, 2020


Taxpayer Challenges IRS’s “No Extension, No Appeal” Position

by Joe Bishop-Henchman September 09, 2020


Bernie Sanders's Dangerous Wealth Tax Distortions

by Andrew Wilford August 31, 2020