Publications : Taxes


New Taxes on Producers Starting July 1 Could Not Come at a Worse Time

by Demian Brady July 01, 2022

Press Release 

Notice of Appeal Filed in Halstead Bead Case

June 21, 2022


Congress Explores Relief for Small Businesses Impacted by SCOTUS Wayfair Decision

by Andrew Lautz June 14, 2022


Reforms Congress Must Consider 4 Years After Wayfair Ruling

by Joe Bishop-Henchman, Tyler Martinez, Andrew Wilford, Andrew Lautz June 14, 2022


How Much Could Pennsylvania Cut Taxes Under Federal ARPA Restrictions?

by Joe Bishop-Henchman June 09, 2022

Issue Brief 

California Prepares to Expand Tax Jurisdiction, With A Single Remote Worker Triggering Taxability

by Andrew Wilford May 31, 2022

Issue Brief 

States Preparing Workaround of P.L. 86-272, A Key Taxpayer Protection for Interstate Businesses

by Andrew Wilford May 25, 2022


Ninth Circuit Reverses Federal Win on Challenge to Ban on State Tax Cuts

by Joe Bishop-Henchman, Tyler Martinez May 19, 2022


The IRS’s Delays Are Costing You Money

by Andrew Wilford May 13, 2022


Why Did the IRS Destroy 30 Million Paper Records Before Processing Them?

by Joe Bishop-Henchman May 10, 2022


Democrats Embrace One of Elizabeth Warren's Worst Ideas

by Andrew Wilford May 09, 2022


NTUF Comments: Hearing on Laws and Enforcement Governing the Political Activities of Tax-Exempt Entities

by Tyler Martinez May 04, 2022


Elon Musk's Twitter Acquisition Exposes Warped Ways of Billionaire's Tax

by Andrew Wilford May 02, 2022