Publications : Taxes


Policy Paper 

Tax Complexity 2024: It Takes Americans Billions of Hours to Do Their Taxes

by Demian Brady April 15, 2024


Blog | Amicus Brief 

NTUF Asks Supreme Court to Hear Zilka Double Taxation Case

by Joe Bishop-Henchman April 05, 2024


Issue Brief 

Who Doesn’t Pay Income Taxes: Tax Year 2021

by Demian Brady March 31, 2024



The Mad Scramble To Tax Netflix Is Creating Doublethink

by Andrew Wilford March 27, 2024



NTUF Victory in Colorado: Appellate Court Holds TABOR Prevents Doubling of Tax Rate Without a Vote of the People

by Tyler Martinez March 22, 2024



Taxpayer Relief: New Spending Deal Averts Government Shutdown, Trims IRS Enforcement Funds

by Demian Brady March 22, 2024



Four Takeaways from Daniel Werfel's House Oversight Hearing

by Debbie Jennings March 05, 2024


Issue Brief 

How Congress Can Address “Buy Borrow Die”

by Andrew Wilford March 04, 2024


Amicus Brief 

In High Stakes 3M Case, Eighth Circuit Should Rule IRS Must Follow Established Guidance

by Tyler Martinez February 29, 2024



IRS Oversight By House Ways and Means is Welcomed and Necessary

by Joe Bishop-Henchman February 15, 2024


Policy Paper 

Who Pays Income Taxes: Tax Year 2021

by Demian Brady February 13, 2024



Extending Expensing and the Child Tax Credit is a Win-Win for Taxpayers

by Joe Bishop-Henchman January 25, 2024



Next Steps for the D.C. Tax Revision Commission

by Joe Bishop-Henchman January 23, 2024



Can the IRS Make You Pay For a Relative's Debt?

by Andrew Wilford January 16, 2024