Publications : Income Tax

Issue Brief 

Death and a Thousand Paper Cuts: The Compliance Burden of the Estate Tax

by Demian Brady October 26, 2017


Who Pays Taxes 2015

by Demian Brady October 11, 2017


Who Pays Taxes 2014

by Demian Brady November 04, 2016

Taxpayer's Tab 

Taxpayers Tab: Who Pays Income Taxes?

by Demian Brady December 07, 2015


Rick Santorum Previews His Flat Tax Plan

by Demian Brady September 24, 2015


Rand Paul's Tax Reform Plan: What It Means

by Michael Tasselmyer June 19, 2015


A Fast-Growing and Alarming Problem: Taxpayer Identity Theft

by Demian Brady April 17, 2015

Policy Paper 

A Complex Problem: The Compliance Burdens of the Tax Code

by Michael Tasselmyer April 08, 2015


Senators Lee and Rubio Unveil New Tax Reform Plan

by Michael Tasselmyer March 05, 2015


Puerto Rico’s VAT: A Path Forward?

by Dan Barrett February 26, 2015


Is Your State's Tax System "Fair"?

by Michael Tasselmyer January 16, 2015

Policy Paper 

The Need for Tax Reform: Simplicity, Savings, and Security

by Michael Tasselmyer September 22, 2014