White House Delay of Employer Mandate Could Prove Futile Gesture for Economy, If "Obamacare" Stands

(Alexandria, VA) – Today, in response to the Obama administration’s announcement that implementation of the employer mandate portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) would be postponed, National Taxpayers Union Vice President Brandon Arnold offered the following statement:

“The decision to delay the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate is an acknowledgement of what we have known for a long time: the massive health care law is a job-killing abomination. It's mildly encouraging that the Administration has finally recognized this fact, yet this minor change has merely delayed the inevitable. The job losses and economic harm from so-called “Obamacare” will continue until the law is fully repealed. Congress should do so immediately and instead pursue reforms that will increase access to health care for all Americans. 

“Whether or not the White House actually has the authority to suspend part of a statutory law, Congress now has the opportunity to demonstrate bipartisan concern over the viability of “Obamacare” by acting to ratify this decision and exploring other flaws. Without Congressional action, the White House’s move could very well be a futile gesture that still leaves the American people, and industry, vulnerable to “Obamacare’s” economic onslaught.”

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