NTU Supports Tax Reform in Missouri

Date: October 17th, 2022

To: Legislative Member

From: Leah Vukmir, Vice President of State Affairs
Jessica Ward, Director of State Affairs
Re: State Income Tax Relief

Dear Missouri Legislative Member:

We write to express our gratitude to you for supporting efforts to enact sensible tax reform in your state. As the nation’s oldest taxpayer advocacy organization, we applaud your efforts to support prudent fiscal tax policy. By reducing the state's individual income tax burden you will, undoubtedly, increase economic opportunities and prosperity for all Missourians.

We have been in your shoes - as a former state lawmaker and former legislative chief of staff - we have seen first hand how  negativity consumes politics, overshadowing incredible victories such as yours. For this reason, we at National Taxpayers Union believe in commending and thanking you for your crucial contribution to supporting the largest tax cut in your state’s history.

Founded in 1969, NTU is the oldest non-partisan taxpayer advocacy group in the country. NTU consistently advocates for policies which lessen burdensome taxation, streamline inefficiencies in government, promote private markets, and so much more. We are dedicated to taxpayers and to the belief that citizens make the best decisions regarding their hard earned dollars.

Senate Bill 3 and Senate Bill 5 achieve those goals and place Missouri on the map as a leader in tax reform. As you are aware, the bill represents a $760 million tax cut to the hard-working people of your state. This reduction in taxation represents real dollars for people who have experienced hardships over the last couple years. This reduction in the income tax will boost disposable household income and, in turn, infuse your state’s economy with revenues that will give you the ability to meet future state budgetary needs. Additionally, this will increase business cash flow and allow owners to expand, increase hiring and further invest in the state’s economy. This is a win-win situation for all.

Congratulations on your achievement! Your support of this legislation will attract further economic growth in your state. Setting an example by ensuring your state operates within its means is a constant battle and you have demonstrated it is possible to enact tax relief while funding Missouri's priorities. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate your willingness to fight for these principles and to advocate on behalf of your constituents.

We thank you again for standing with taxpayers. Please feel free to utilize National Taxpayers Union as a resource for future state fiscal and regulatory policy.

Leah Vukmir
Vice President of State Affairs

Jessica Ward
Director of State Affairs