NTU Applauds Reps. Budd, Harris for Introducing FLEX Act

National Taxpayers Union applauds Reps. Ted Budd (R-NC) and Andy Harris (R-MD) for introducing H.R. 4484, the Flexibility Through Lower Expenses Health Care (FLEX) Act. This bill would codify short-term limited duration insurance (STLDI) and association health plans (AHPs) into law, providing individuals and businesses the confidence they need to consider and offer these innovative alternatives to the existing menu of insurance options.

STLDI plans would offer affordable, often low-premium coverage to individuals and families transitioning between jobs, or seeking a short-term health insurance plan to fill in coverage gaps. AHPs, on the other hand, would expand the opportunities small and mid-sized businesses have to offer insurance to their employees. This will not only give more people access to coverage, but will help small employers compete with large employers for talent.

Since STLDI plans and AHPs were first made available through administrative action, though, employers and employees currently lack the legal certainty necessary to offer and adopt these options. The FLEX Act provides that certainty. STLDI plans and AHPs will help provide Americans with the choice, flexibility, and affordability they seek in health coverage, and we thank Reps. Budd and Harris for introducing this important legislation.