Publications : Demian Brady

Issue Brief 

Reforms Will Be Needed to Fix the Worsening Budget Outlook

by Demian Brady May 13, 2020

Policy Paper 

Tax Complexity 2020: Compliance Burdens Ease for Second Year Since Tax Reform

by Demian Brady April 15, 2020


Bipartisan bill would end public pensions for corrupt politicians

by Demian Brady April 14, 2020


NTU and NTUF Mourn the Passing of Senator Tom Coburn

by Demian Brady April 03, 2020

Issue Brief 

The Budget Outlook After the Crisis

by Demian Brady March 31, 2020

Issue Brief 

Further Improving CBO’s Cost Estimate Reports

by Demian Brady March 12, 2020

Issue Brief 

CBO’s Budget Request: Boosting the Agency’s Responsiveness and Improving the Budgetary Baseline

by Demian Brady February 25, 2020

Issue Brief 

The Spending Reforms in the President’s Budget Request Should Be on Congress’s Agenda

by Demian Brady February 19, 2020


Congress Should Offset Emergency Spending

by Demian Brady, Jacob Plott February 06, 2020


The Budget Outlook is Even Worse than Advertised

by Demian Brady January 28, 2020

Issue Brief 

Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act Would Ease Completion of an Inventory of Federal Programs

by Demian Brady January 24, 2020


Despite Guilty Plea & Prospect of Jail, Rep. Duncan Hunter Could Collect over $1 Million in Congressional Pension Payments

by Demian Brady January 10, 2020

Issue Brief 

Improving CBO is a Key Part of Enzi-Whitehouse Budget Process Reform

by Demian Brady December 18, 2019

Issue Brief 

Independent Study Finds that Free File Is an Effective Public-Private Partnership

by Demian Brady December 12, 2019