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Take Action

Take Back the Internet!

For decades, the internet was a free-market success story that improved the lives of Americans, contributed to unprecedented economic growth, and gave way to one technological breakthrough after another. But, future innovation and broadband deployment are threatened by a 2015 decision made by the FCC to regulate the internet like a public utility.

Make Your Voice Heard; Take Back the Internet! Take Action


Repeal IPAB Before It’s Too Late!

Government imposed price controls could end up hurting Medicare patients and taxpayers. The Independent Payment Advisory Board - or IPAB - is one of the most harmful Obamacare provisions. The “Affordable” Care Act gave enormous powers to this unaccountable panel. Based on past experience, IPAB’s price controls could lead to scarcity, healthcare rationing, and spikes in the cost of other forms of medical care. This would mean longer wait times, fewer doctors and treatment options. At the same time, IPAB’s ability to issue decisions with very few checks and balances makes it very hard for Congress to propose smarter reforms to Medicare that could benefit taxpayers without hurting patients.

Price fixing won’t address the spending crisis Medicare - and the taxpayers, who will ultimately foot the bill - are facing. As Congress considers repealing Obamacare, getting rid of IPAB should be a top priority. Tell your lawmakers to repeal IPAB and pursue pro-consumer, market-based reforms.  Take Action


Help Keep Tax Reform on Track!

It’s been more than thirty years since our Tax Code saw significant reform. Each year it grows more burdensome and complicated - sucking away both time and money many can’t spare. Right now, Congress has a historic opportunity to change all that: to cut taxes, make it easier to file, and spur economic growth. But to keep tax reform on track, we need to keep this priority front and center in Washington.

Tell your lawmakers: Don’t let another Tax Day go by without tax reform! Take Action


Don’t Let Congress Bring Back Earmarks!

The 2010 earmark ban was a big win for taxpayers, and an opportunity for Congress to get back to the real work of legislating and oversight. Repealing the earmark ban would be a big step backwards for a transparent, accountable government - taking power out of the hands of voters and putting it back in the hands of moneyed lobbyists. This would jumpstart even MORE wasteful spending that we simply can’t afford. Take Action


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