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Take Back the Internet



For decades, the internet has been a free-market success story that improves the lives of Americans, contributes to unprecedented economic growth, and facilitates one technological breakthrough after another.

Unfortunately, innovation and broadband development was threatened by a 2015 decision made by the FCC to regulate the internet like a public utility. We are all familiar with the impacts when government attempts to manage critical parts of our economy: it ends up costing Americans more of their precious tax dollars while diminishing the value of the service offered.

Thankfully, last month FCC Chairman Ajit Pai reversed this rule and will no longer claim broad power to regulate internet services. Chairman Pai is right to repeal the Obama-era public utility regulations on the internet. Otherwise, new innovations in technology will come to a halt, and the adverse effects will be felt by consumers and the economy in the years to come.

But just because the FCC has repealed the regulations doesn’t mean the fight is over. Rather, the fight now moves to Congress. Democrats in Congress have already introduced legislation that would nullify the FCC’s ruling and would thus restore the Obama-era internet regulations.