Take Back the Internet



When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted regulations in 2015 to treat the internet like a public utility, it threatened to disrupt one of the most critical parts of our economy. We are all familiar with the impacts when government attempts to manage important sectors of the economy: it ends up costing Americans more of their precious tax dollars while diminishing the value of the service offered.

Thankfully, last year the FCC, led by Chairman Ajit Pai, reversed this rule by relinquishing its broad power to regulate internet services. Without the Chairman’s dedicated leadership in support of free markets, the Restoring Internet Freedom Order would not have passed. Now because of that order, cutting-edge producers are able to boost technological innovations, providers can invest in broadband services for rural communities, and consumers and the economy will benefit for years to come.

But the fight isn’t over. At this moment a group of senators are trying to undo the important accomplishments spearheaded by Chairman Pai and the FCC. If their legislation, S.J.Res. 52 passes, it would nullify the FCC’s action and thus restore, and make permanent the Obama-era internet regulations.

As supporters of free markets, limited government, and pro-taxpayer policies, we cannot let this legislation pass the Senate. Senators need to hear the voices of taxpayers, not special interests that operate behind closed doors. It is vital to contact your elected officials and urge them to vote “NO” on legislation that reinstates Obama’s internet regulations.