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Take Back the Internet



For decades, the internet was a free-market success story that improved the lives of Americans, contributed to unprecedented economic growth, and gave way to one technological breakthrough after another.

But, future innovation and broadband deployment are threatened by a 2015 decision made by the FCC to regulate the internet like a public utility.

We have all seen what happens when the government manages critical parts of our economy and infrastructure. It ends up costing Americans more of their precious tax dollars while diminishing the value of whatever service was offered. Think about our roads, bridges, electricity grid, and even – most recently – government interference in the health care marketplace.

It’s time to return the internet to what it was for so long-- an engine of economic growth, not one of government control. Chairman Pai is right to repeal the Obama-era public utility regulations on the internet. Otherwise, new innovations in technology will come to a halt, and the effects on consumers and the economy will be disastrous in the years to come.