Where do your tax dollars go?

Ever wondered exactly how many of your tax dollars go to which programs? Sure, there are any number of sources that can give you a vague idea of the answer, but the USA Today has a terrific visualization today that allows you to enter your income and generate a detailed "report" right before your eyes.

For example, let's say that you earned an income of $30,000. Among the interesting tidbits from your estimated tax burden of $4,983 is the fact that you would pay roughly twice as much toward Social Security as national defense ($1,860 and $941, respectively). Also fascinating: that you'd pay nearly as much just for interest on the national debt as for Medicare ($401 and $435, respectively).

For someone making $60,000 per year, the total burden comes to $13,453, including $3,103 for national defense, $3,720 for Social Security, $1,321 on interest on the debt, and $870 on Medicare.