Senate Urged To Take Critical First Step Toward Obamacare Repeal

NTU urges all Senators to vote “YES” on S. Con. Res. 3, the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Resolution with reconciliation instructions for repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or Obamacare. This resolution provides for expedited consideration and a simple majority vote on legislation to unwind the damaging policies of PPACA.

Since its passage in 2010, PPACA has wreaked havoc on the U.S. health insurance market. The past years have been marked by numerous broken promises and economic hardships due to PPACA’s complex web of burdensome regulations, mandates, and taxes. Taxpayers have seen their health insurance premiums skyrocket, with the cost of the average plan increasing 25 percent just in the past year and many facing hikes of much more than that. At the same time, consumers are getting less for these high costs as increasing deductibles and shrinking networks reduce health care options.

Many regions have experienced a veritable exodus of health insurance providers, further compounding consumer woes. At the same time, state-based health insurance exchanges and co-op programs - conceived as backstops for consumers - are facing serious financial problems or have shuttered altogether. The individual mandate and higher taxes on numerous products and services, such as medical devices, certain forms of investment income, and over-the-counter drugs have all eroded the financial well-being of taxpayers. In addition, policies aimed at incentivizing employers to expand health insurance benefits to employees have made it harder for businesses to expand or hire more full time employees.

It’s essential that Congress move quickly to repeal this failed legislation to prevent further damage to the health insurance marketplace, consumers, and the economy. S. Con. Res. 3 would ensure that the proper authorizing committees act by January 27 to report repeal legislation and begin the deliberative process of enacting new policies that expand choice, reduce costs, and preserve our world class health care services.

Roll call votes on S. Con. Res. 3 will be significantly weighted in our annual Rating of Congress and a “YES” vote will be considered the pro-taxpayer position.

If you have any questions, please contact NTU Federal Affairs Manager Nan Swift at (703) 683-5700