Remembering Jim Kolbe

Former Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ), one of the most passionate advocates of trade in our country’s history, died Saturday. In honor of his leadership, we share these excerpts from Rep. Kolbe's remarks at the 2000 Republican National Convention.

History and providence have blessed our great nation. America’s riches are chronicled at every turn. America’s economic freedom is the envy of the world.

We have seen economic freedom create habits of liberty. And habits of liberty create expectations for democracy.

Through free trade, we have exported our principles, as well as our products — sharing America’s freedom and democracy with the world.

As Americans, we believe that the case for trade is not just monetary, but moral. It is not just a matter of commerce, but a matter of conscience.

Ronald Reagan called trade “a forward strategy for freedom.” And we have seen that freedom, once tasted, is irresistible. The world awaits our people, our products, and our principles. America must seize this opportunity.

We hope his friends and family will be comforted by the knowledge that his legacy will live on.