NTU Statement on President's Final Push for Tax Reform

Following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Open Conference Meeting and President Donald J. Trump’s remarks on tax reform at the White House today, National Taxpayers Union President, Pete Sepp released the following statement:  

“Taxpayers across the nation should be heartened by action in Washington, D.C. today. Both House and Senate Members of the Conference Committee showed great enthusiasm for tax reform negotiations while President Trump boldly described how tax reform will set the stage for a more prosperous America that offers greater opportunities to current and future generations.

To every parent who wants a brighter tomorrow for their children, to every young adult who wants to pursue their dream, to every retiree who’s worked hard to secure their financial future, and to every small business owner who’s hoping for that chance to really get ahead, now is your moment to make your voice heard. We must make sure Washington knows that getting tax reform across the finish line is a priority for all of us.

American taxpayers deserve relief from the outdated tax code that has stifled economic growth and held American businesses and families hostage for decades. The House and Senate Conference Committee is expected to complete work on the final tax reform bill this week and will be on track to send the bill to the President’s desk before Christmas. National Taxpayers Union will continue to work with leaders in the House, Senate and White House to deliver lasting tax relief for taxpayers across the country.”