NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold Honored for Pro-Taxpayer Advocacy

As we close the books on the 115th Congress, one success story is certain: the National Taxpayers Union advanced the cause of taxpayer interests on the Hill, achieved numerous legislative victories, and has been recognized for its work by an authoritative source. The leader of our government relations team, NTU Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold, has recently been named as a particularly effective advocate in the halls of Congress by The Hill in their Top Lobbyists of 2018 list.

“It’s an honor to be considered,” Arnold said. “Our team at NTU works tirelessly every day to advance pro-taxpayer policy, and to be cited for some of our victories is a recognition that, with the right team and the right plan, taxpayers can indeed win in Washington.”

Arnold has been with NTU since 2012 and has previously worked in the office of the Governor of Maryland, on Capitol Hill, and in other nonprofits in Washington, D.C.

“NTU’s stature on Capitol Hill, with executive branch agencies, and in the states has grown dramatically over the past few years - and the leadership of Brandon Arnold has been  critical to our success,” said NTU President Pete Sepp. “From the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to regulatory reform to executive agency rulemaking, Brandon has expanded NTU’s influence throughout Washington, and with his leadership we will be able to advocate for taxpayer interests for years to come.”

The full list of those who have been honored by The Hill as top lobbyists can be found here. For more information on Brandon Arnold and NTU’s efforts to work for taxpayer interests, please contact NTU Vice President of Communications Kevin Glass at 703-299-8670 or at kglass@ntu.org.