The National Taxpayers Union will be covering this year’s CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, being held in Washington DC. It is one of the largest organizing events between grassroots organizers, political leaders, and everyday citizens. This three-day event will feature well-known national figures such as:
  • Nationally syndicated radio talk show hosts Herman Cain and Glenn Beck
  • Governors Bob McConnell and Tim Pawlenty
  • Former Massachusetts Governor and former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney
  • Senator Jim DeMint
  • Representatives Ron Paul, Thaddeus McCotter, Steve King, Michelle Bachmann, Darrell Issa, John Boehner, and Tom Price
As the speeches and panels detail a national dialogue of the year’s theme, Saving Freedom, NTU will be right there commentating, examining, and contributing on Government Bytes. Join NTU at CPAC over the next three days and add your own ideas to the national discussion!