Nation's Oldest Taxpayer Group Launches Campaign to "Stop the Health Care O-pocalypse" Joins Broad Coalition to Repeal 2010 Law

(Alexandria, VA) -- Today, the 362,000-member National Taxpayers Union launched a grassroots campaign to raise awareness about the flaws of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – and engage citizens to push for its repeal – entitled “Stop the Health Care O-pocalypse.” The organization has spearheaded support to repeal the Independent Patient Advisory Board (IPAB), and signed on with a diverse coalition of concerned groups to avert the disaster of so-called “Obamacare” taking more complete effect in 2013.

The “Stop the Health Care O-pocalypse effort will allow citizens to send a clear message to Washington that two years is too many for PPACA, and that it is time for a renewed effort to dismantle the bill’s most dangerous provisions,  ultimately aiming to take the whole law off the books.

Some of the major problems with PPACA that NTU is most concerned about:

  • Constitutionally Questionable - PPACA’s infamous individual mandate would force citizens to purchase insurance.
  • Massive Tax Hikes - It will raise multiple taxes to the tune of $569 billion including a payroll tax hike, higher taxes on investment income, and taxes on insurance plansthat will pass those added costs onto already strapped consumers.
  • Budget Buster - PPACA increases spending with a price tag of almost $1.76 trillion over the next ten years. That’s a “reform” we can’t afford.
  • Unaccountable Bureaucrats Control Health Care - IPAB will lead to price controls, fewer doctors in Medicare, and reduced medical innovation in the future.

NTU Federal Affairs Manager Nan Swift said, “With the Supreme Court set to hear arguments on the President’s health care law, and election season ramping up, the second anniversary of Obamacare’s passage is the perfect time for the American people to remind Washington they overwhelmingly favor the law’s repeal.”

The special “Stop the Health Care O-pocalypse” web page is accessible HERE.

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