National Taxpayers Union Responds to Keystone Pipeline Decision

Today the country took a step in the wrong direction from job creation and economic growth. With the amount of evidence stacked in favor of moving forward with Keystone, it is disappointing to NTU members across the country who we advocate on behalf of. The prospect of employment across industrial sectors and the injection of billions of dollars in economic activity, during a time of persistent uncertainty, have taken a big hit today. But, we have not stopped fighting for issues that are in the best interest of taxpayers and the U.S. economy.

Nan Swift, NTU’s Federal Affairs Manager stated, “Coming on the heels of today’s jobs report that found record-low labor participation levels, this news adds insult-to-injury to taxpayers tired of economic uncertainty. The Keystone XL Pipeline was that rare bipartisan initiative that could have brought real growth – and an environmentally safer alternative to current transportation options. Canada’s oil sands are going to be developed, with or without U.S. partnership and we shouldn’t shut the door on opportunities like this.”

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