Email Privacy Act Passage Keeps Government Out of Your Inbox

For the past five years NTU has compiled and urged action on a list of “no-brainer” bills that are bipartisan and most importantly would benefit taxpayers. While not all of the bills are passed, we want to offer our thanks to those who have worked with their counterparts across the aisle and at the same time stood up for taxpayers.

"NTU was pleased to see H.R. 699, the Email Privacy Act, pass the House with such unanimous support. This long overdue reform to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 provides a critical check on big government and extends 4th Amendment protections to an area of taxpayers' lives - email and other personal electronic accounts - every bit as important as our property and ourselves,” NTU Federal Affairs Manager Nan Swift stated. “This is the fourth of ten bills from our 2015 "no-brainer" list, an annual compilation of commonsense, bipartisan legislation that would change public policy for the better, to pass the House. The Email Privacy Act is a great example of the type of reform that can be accomplished when policy is put ahead of partisanship.”

NTU urges the Senate to take up H.R. 699 and get this bill on the President's desk for signature.

While NTU is encouraged by the passing of the Email Privacy Act, the fight continues as we advocate for legislation that serves the needs of the people and protects the wallets of taxpayers.