Adoption of 5G Rules Will Keep U.S. On Technological Cutting-Edge

National Taxpayers Union applauds the Federal Communications Commission’s approval today of the 5G technology order proposed by Commissioner Carr. The next wave of 5G wireless deployment will be a benefit to consumers and taxpayers, and will help keep the United States on the absolute cutting-edge of technological development.

These 5G rules have broad support from industry groups, from government regulators, and from state and local government officials. Ensuring clear and concise rules for timely 5G network deployment in partnership with localities across the country will be a huge benefit to America’s information economy.

As we wrote when this was proposed,

Commissioner Carr’s proposal addresses these problems, providing guidance to localities on infrastructure permitting reviews better suited to small-cell technology, opposing unreasonable fees on wireless providers deploying 5G, and establishing “shot clocks” to guarantee timely local reviews of wireless infrastructure proposals. To put it simply, this plan will bring relief to businesses, consumers and taxpayers alike.

The passage of this 5G proposal is a win for consumers and for taxpayers, and Americans can now look forward to a brighter technological future.