Publications : Demian Brady

Policy Paper 

Who Pays Income Taxes: Tax Year 2021

by Demian Brady February 13, 2024


CBO’s Budget Outlook Points to Need for Urgent Reform

by Demian Brady February 08, 2024


House Budget Committee Approves Bipartisan Bill to Bolster CBO’s Access to Agency Data

by Demian Brady, Daniella Sanchez February 07, 2024


NTUF’s Recommendations to the House Budget Committee for Improving CBO

by Demian Brady January 30, 2024

Issue Brief 

Government Accounting Rules Hide Tens of Billions in Risk to Taxpayers

by Demian Brady January 26, 2024


House Budget Committee Considers Measures to Boost Fiscal Transparency and Create a Fiscal Commission

by Demian Brady January 18, 2024


Just in Time: House Committee to Consider Improved Pro-Taxpayer Plan for Fiscal Commission

by Demian Brady January 17, 2024

Issue Brief 

A Fiscal Commission Is Needed to Break the Status Quo of Deficit Spending

by Demian Brady December 12, 2023


Closing a corruption loophole

by Demian Brady December 06, 2023

Issue Brief 

Unmasking the True Cost of the White House's Budget Requests

by Demian Brady November 22, 2023


GAO Confirms NTUF’s Findings on 1099-K Compliance Confusion

by Demian Brady November 17, 2023

Issue Brief 

The House Budget Committee’s Blueprint to Tackle America’s Growing Debt

by Demian Brady November 08, 2023


Senators Can Advance Lankford's Amendment to End Government Shutdowns

by Demian Brady October 24, 2023

Issue Brief 

New IRS Data Still Vastly Underestimates the Increasing 1099-K Burden on Taxpayers

by Demian Brady October 03, 2023