Publications : Demian Brady


Bipartisan Legislation Would Cut Off Pensions to Corrupt Politicians

by Demian Brady March 22, 2023


The Ex-Im Bank’s New $800 Million Domestic Financing Proposal Warrants Congressional Scrutiny

by Demian Brady March 17, 2023

Issue Brief 

Revised Legislation to Prevent Government Shutdowns Should Also Preclude a CBO Scoring Glitch

by Demian Brady March 16, 2023


Senators Grassley and Braun Ask CBO to Examine a Frequently Used Budget Gimmick

by Demian Brady March 14, 2023


Biden's New Budget Looks to Make the IRS Plus Up Funding Permanent

by Demian Brady March 10, 2023

Issue Brief 

New House Reform Could Help Reduce Unauthorized Appropriations

by Demian Brady March 03, 2023


Deficits and Debts Grow While Serious Accounting Deficiencies Persist Across the Federal Government

by Demian Brady February 17, 2023


CBO’s New Budget Baseline Should Raise Red Flags for Lawmakers

by Demian Brady February 15, 2023


Nine Taxpayer-Friendly Changes to House Rules in 118th Congress: Here's What You Need to Know

by Demian Brady, Andrew Lautz, Alex Milliken January 04, 2023


The Omnibus Bill Shamelessly Uses a Budget Gimmick Recently Highlighted by NTUF

by Demian Brady December 21, 2022

Issue Brief 

Who Doesn’t Pay Income Taxes: Tax Year 2020

by Demian Brady December 20, 2022

Policy Paper 

Who Pays Income Taxes: Tax Year 2020

by Demian Brady December 12, 2022

Issue Brief 

Mission Creep at the Export-Import Bank Exposes Taxpayers to Greater Risk

by Demian Brady, Bryan Riley December 07, 2022